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The provincial Liberals have never been especially good at cultivating their grassroots. But, occassionally, party hierarchs feel obligated to bring out a watering can to feed the rank and file. A case in point: on April 22, members have been invited to attend the Lower Mainland Regional Forum for the B.C. Liberal Party at the University Golf Club in Vancouver. Caucus members are also expected to attend the schmooze fest, where cardholders are expected to debate a handful of policies that will likely never make it into the legislature. Other regional forums are being scheduled for Liberals on Vancouver Island and in the Interior.


If your refernce to mushrooms means that the BC Libs are like mushroom farmers (keep them in the dark, feed them shit , and then can them) ....... you are bang on !!!

Even BC Lib supporters (like me) know that the org is so completely top down. Guess thats why there are no real "true believers" in the party

Q. Why do the BC Libs only hold a policy convention every 2 years ?

A. because they cant have them every 4 years !!!

They could have policy conventions every month, but it would mean zip if the powers that be don't take any interest in the resolutions passed.


It's actually really quite sad.

The BC Lib policy process used to actually mean something just about 5 yrs ago (after the initial election) and certainly was taken seriously while they were in opposition.

However, nowadays the policy process is a complete joke and waste of time. Policy ideas are not welcomed with the people in charge of the party completely ignoring any and all policy advice that is not their own making.

I'm a long time party member and I've been to all but one convention since 1997.

I'll still go to the conventions (since they are kinda fun) but no longer will I EVER attend any "policy conferences" or ?forums? during convention or outside of convention. It is a complete waste of time since the party chucks the convention policies into the trash immediately following convention. And does not even acknowledge the policies they pass at convention.

For fun just try to find any policies that were passed at BC Liberal conventions, even the most recent one. Short answer is you can't. They are not to be found anywhere. It is as though it never happened.

The way the BC Libs treat their policies is really quite sad, especially in comparison to the federal Conservatives who have a policy link on their website where you can easily see the policies passed at the Montreal convention last year: (direct pdf link) (general link).

Hell even the fed liberals, (who will hopefully spend many long years out of power), at least provide the policies they pass at their conventions: (general link).

Ironically the BC Lib party still pretends that policy matters.

I got an email about the forum on the island, (which is likely similar to the one to be held in Vancouver).

Basically my advice is to go if you don't care about policy and just want to meet other people. If you care about policy don't bother going.


The email is below:

You're Invited to Campbell River - Register Today!

Dear Valued BC Liberal Party Member:

I would like to extend to you an invitation to join me and members of the BC Liberal Cabinet and Caucus at our upcoming Vancouver Island Regional Forum to be held in Campbell River on Saturday, April 1, 2006.

The event will include various workshops, interaction with elected members of the BC Liberal Team, and more.

I hope to see you in Campbell River!


Vancouver Island Regional Forum

Saturday, April 1, 2006
10:00am ? 4:30pm
Coast Discovery Inn ? 75 Shoppers Row, Campbell River

Registration Fee: $50 per participant (Includes Lunch)

Registration & Complimentary Continental Breakfast: 9:00am-9:45am

There will be an optional reception on Friday, March 31st at 7:00pm held at the Maritime Heritage Centre ? 621 Island Hwy, Campbell River

A registration form has been mailed to the households of all BC Liberal Party members from the Vancouver Island Region. If you would like to register and have not received your form, please contact BC Liberal Head Office at 1-800-567-2257.

Rick, you speak the truth
But there wont be any policy at the convention referenced here. The powers that be have decided to drop the pretence of caring. Convention will be Gordo love-in only.

Here's a novel idea:

The BC Liberals are having their Convention later this year.

Why not have the policy session at that time? That way they'll save money and get more people
to go to the thing (hold it the next day after the Wine and Sleaze, the event where all of the
political hacks stand around trying to look important.

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