What this authority needs is a good coat of paint!

It seems our good friends at Community Living British Columbia are having some difficulty getting people to respect their authority. On Friday, the provincial government organization posted a request for qualifications on BC Bid looking for marketing and communication experts to create "a positive identity or brand image that will assist us in fostering an environment of respect for and confidence in CLBC." Of course, there are great many unpaid means Community Living British Columbia could use to improve that image. But we digress. The competition for that request for qualifications closes on April 7. The following is the relevant portion of that document.

Request for Qualifications

Communications and Marketing Services

Request for Qualification No. 81-CSG-2006-011-RFQ

Issue date: March 24, 2006

Closing location:
2752 East 41st Avenue
Vancouver, B.C.
V5R 2X1
Attention: Mallory Boschalk
2752 East 41st Avenue
Vancouver, B.C.
V5R 2X1
Attention: Mallory Boschalk

Closing date and time: April 7, 2006, 2:00 p.m. PST

2 complete copies of each Response must be submitted.

Contact person: Mallory Boschalk, Contract Analyst

Telephone: (604) 660-2068
E-mail: mallory.boschalk@gov.bc.ca

4 Services
4.1 Service Areas

The following sub-sections list the training service topic areas and details of the types of training that the Province may require from Qualified Suppliers:

1: Branding/Identity:

As a new organization it is imperative CLBC creates a positive identity or brand image that will assist us in fostering an environment of respect for and confidence in CLBC. This branding and identity development will assist CLBC is further building an organizational culture of trust and respect as well as defining who we are and what we do to our stakeholders, partners and the public at large.

This project will include creative brand development, application of brand to all internal and external communication strategies and the development of a tactical plan to communicate the new CLBC. An understanding of and appreciation for Community input and feedback and a commitment to a collaborative approach is paramount.

2: Intranet/Internet/Newsletter Design and Content Development:

Integral to CLBC's branding initiative is the development of a comprehensive warehouse of supporting material and web-based communications. Projects undertaken will require the following skill sets:

* Technical skills required to write, edit and design web-based communications that accurately and strategically present sensitive and/or complex information to a variety of audiences.
* Utilizing creativity and innovation prepare web-based communications and provide expertise in the development of web-based communication materials.
* Development, implementation and evaluation of Web Strategic Plan and its objectives
* Assists with the development of training materials for content gathering from contributors, editors and authors. Provides support and clarification as needed for staff involved in web based projects and content development.
* Develops and implements tracking and data gathering mechanisms
* Identifies new developments and trends in web-based communications, through literature review, contact with peers in other organizations, industry advisor groups, professional associations and attendance at professional development events.
* Development of an integrated web-based system to support increased access to information and knowledge sharing internally and externally.
* Organizational electronic communication technology, desktop publishing and web-based technology practices.

3: Marketing/Special Events:

To support its public, media and government relations role, CLBC will be required to hold occasional press conferences and special events to respond to or proactively report on certain accomplishments and innovations. Services required may include:

* Presentation Services
* Communications technologies
* Event Staging
* Meeting and Conference Presentation Solutions
* Advanced Equipment Rentals

4: Media Relations Training:

Managers have been hired to manage CLBC's new service delivery model. In addition, as CLBC develops its identity and communicates its roles and responsibilities, greater public and media interest, both proactive and reactive, is anticipated. As such, identified CLBC staff will require media training to assist them in responding to local media questions, public inquiries and politically sensitive situations. Training consultants and or companies will have an understanding of the health service sector and a thorough working knowledge of the Community Living environment.

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