Tory mining operation at Rockpile continues

It looks like the federal Conservatives have extracted another staffer from the Rockpile: Attorney General Wally Oppal's ministerial assistant Jason Kuzminski is bound for Ottawa where he will be the parliamentary affairs director for Citizenship and Immigration Minister Monte Solberg. He's replaced by Tom Brown, who was the senior aide to Health Minister George Abbott. And that means a promotion for Minister Abbott's junior aide Alex Dutton, who will be going onto fill Mr. Brown's shoes.


I had heard that Kuzminski was on the lookout Good for him (and good for the new Gov't to have someone strong to count on )

Also a good move to put Tom Brown in there, he is very competent

Looks like the premiers office has again gone deep into the well to promote.

Nothing against Ms Dutton , I am sure she is very competent, but do any other taxpayers out there worry that the chief aide in the provinces biggest / most important ministry is a couple of years out of Univ. and has no real world work experience !!!

Yikes - the ability of the senior leadership at the rockpile to attract and retain talent is not only weak, its starting to border on scandalous

I agree with you 100% jillyrizzo person. The corporate memory continues to vanish.

But really, who wants to work with a guy like Martyn Brown?

If the NDP got some good researchers the Libs would be in bigtime trouble.

Who is Jason Kuzminski and why should I care?

Terry's a great guy and a smart political staffer. Everyone who knows him thinks he "has it", even if the "higher ups" had other plans this time around.

Why do you care where his family came from?

Finally the P.O. promotes someone worthy...this after a run of questionable staffing moves over recent months.


You better block the Legislature IP address so that Terry and Alex and any other person in the Buldings can stop self promoting on your message board.

Go back to work!

The last few indo MAs that come to mind are; dave basi, bobby virk, and barinder sall. Dave and Bob are busy with some old business, while Barinder got shipped out by Oppal and now works for "the man" Peter Dhillon.

Obviously the judgemental and self glorifying comments from jillyrizzo are from someone who really does NOT know how the building works. If this person knew anything about how dedicated either of these people are or more particularly how effective Alex is as a political staffer, she would keep her mouth shut. Sounds to me like someone's a little jealous, maybe jillyrizzo got overlooked for a promotion??? Poor baby.

seems to be a lot of self promotion and lack of teamwork. maybe the focus should be on winning ridings especially on the island and and not in the parliament building offices

Terry is a smart political staffer, he has all it takes to do a great job as an MA and his time will come soon enough. Alex clearly has experience with the Health file and is deserving of the promotion.

one thing all of these critics don't understand is that being a political advisor doesn't require a century of private sector experience. It requires a great gut for politics, a desire to effect positive change, a passion for the issues, and the ability to connect with stakeholders. Terry and Alex have that. Its that simple.

I swear to god, this thread ceratinly outlines for all to see the pitfalls of blog sites. I don't know any of the people involved in these promotions and job changes, but my advice to the people writing in this thread is to go grow a set of balls and speak to the people involved directly if you have something to say.

There is nothing more putrid and low than engaging in anonymous character assasination, especially with a couple of apparently twenty-something political staffers in Victoria. These are not high and mighty types and the proceeding comments have past the point of decency, and are needlessly cruel.

I'm glad Sean reports this kind of stuff to keep us in the behind-the-scenes loop, but is there any need for these sad and disgusting responses?


Does any one know where I can get a set of MA/EA trading cards. Do you also keep track of the Thrifty's staff changes? ...I heard John D. got promoted to cashier, but Mary was passed over because she has a goiter.

Whoever wrote that this thread (and many others) are about self promotion, they were dead on, because who the fuck cares other than the people being talked about.

Get back to work.

Maybe Bill Cunningham will have to be hired by the provincial Liberal Govt now that he is unemployed. Who here thinks he would make a capable, effective Ministerial Asst in Victoria?

Since I started this (particually nasty) thread of comments , thought I woudl jump in with these observations

1) To the guy who inquired about MA/EA trading cards ..... hey not everything on this site is everyones cup of tea - no one has a gun to your head :DONT READ IT !

2) Besides Holman is providing an invaluable service - how else will senior staff know what is going in the building ???

3) On Terry, good guy , but not there yet to be the MA to the AG

4) If people want to talk about ethnic politics and senior staff they should talk about Tejinder Parhar. He has outstanding political instincts and will (at some point) make a great MA

5) All the comments on Terry and Alex further underscore my original point that talent continues to leave the building and replacements are always a stretch. The senior leadership needs to look at what they are offering in terms of remuneration and experience and put together a real plan ....... instead of patchwork promotion from way down into the farm system

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Jilly Rizzo, you are too much. I haven't laughed this hard in a very long time. The "outstanding political instincts" you refer to must be the instincts the Tejinder used to demote himself from campaign manager to offical campaign fart catcher in Daniel Igali's riding.

so, is Jason taking on a senior role?

Rishi is awesome! He is the king of Victoria.

Terry is the Man!

TJ is cool as well!

Everyone is just jealous of these dudes!

John you should give your head a shake. To blame the Sharma brothers for losing the indo canadian community is about as logical as blaming them for the sinking of the bc ferry last week. The bc liberals lost the indo canadian community when the braintrust which includes brown and co. deluded themselves into believing they won the election in 2001, rather than the ndp self destructing and losing the election in 2001.

GO Rishi Sharma GO!!!

What does Rishi Sharma do at the Rockpile? Did he start the same time as Dave Basi and Bob Virk?

Does Rishi have a brother as well? Are they involved in federal politics, whats the REAL story about these guys?

So I take it then that Bill Cunningham, officially still a "star" in the Federal Liberal firmament, is not considered to have the skills, the intelligence, the character or the talent needed to be a Ministerial Asst to any of the two dozen or so members of the provincial Liberal Cabinet.

Does anyone want to actually say that on behalf of the Liberal Party, ... or do we just have to deduce it from what goes unsaid?

Budd, I have to say on behalf of the Liberal party, that you don't have the skills, the intelligence, the character or the talent needed to be a poster in this forum, let alone hold down a political job.

You're the only person writing about someone who isn't mentioned or connected to the point of the story and only you, with your really stupid follow-up, take it to suggest that it proves your bizzare, stupid theory. That's just retarded!

ROTFLMAO @ Jenn!!!

Why don't these jokers get an education - then maybe they can do someething useful- instead of looking for handouts for political favours.

I stumbled onto this thread through a Google search (on certain names associated with the A.G.'s office). Very, very revealing kiddies. Especially for ordinary members of the public like me who are trying to get something back in exchange for our tax dollars.

Now I know why we have a ferry sitting at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

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