Teaching to the choir

The provincial Liberal caucus is renowned for their ability to sing in perfect harmony - even under the most demanding of circumstances. So it comes as no surprise the Campbell administration would be employing a conductor as one of their communications trainers. According to our operatives, in December 2004, Peter McCoppin, the Victoria Symphony's world-renowned conductor laureate, delivered his Mastering the Art of Communication presentation to caucus staff - receiving high marks from attendees. And he continues to coach some of the administration's MLAs on a one-on-one basis via his company McCoppin Enterprises Inc.


Uhhh... Sean... holy OLD news, batman...

McCoppin addressed gov't caucus staff about a year and a half ago... but thanks for keeping us all, er, up to date!

Has a B.C. ferry ever sunk before today (March 22, 2006)? I didn't think it was even possible to sink a B.C. ferry!

Am even more agog to hear that Premier Gordon Campbell is rushing northward to the scene of this tragedy.

I cannot wait to hear the duet he and Hahn will sing on the theme of "I know nothing!" OK, Maestro McCoppin? One two three FORE!

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