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On Wednesday, government is scheduled to announce a replacement for Louise Burgart - the provincial Liberal supporter who resigned from the supposedly non-partisan electoral boundary commission last month. Earlier, we reported that replacement would be a former school superintendant. And now we have a name to go along with that description: Penticton resident Stewart Ladyman. In an interview with Public Eye, Mr. Ladyman said he was told about the appointment today, with Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Bill Barisoff having contacted him last week about the job. When asked whether he had ever actively supported one party over another, Mr. Ladyman said "I'm non-partisan. And that's what I told the speaker." Although he added, with a chuckle, "I'm aware of political parties and know them quite well." Mr. Ladyman made headlines in 2000 as the co-chair of a 15-month government review of the province's special education system.

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Ah yes, after co-chairing the 15-month review of BC's "crisis" in Special Education he submitted his report just in time for incoming Education Minister Christy Clark to trash it in 2001, dismissing it as the work of the NDP and thus of no interest to her whatsoever. Clark and her successors went on to dismantle accountability mechanisms for special ed, presumably on the principle that if you just stop counting the problems, they no longer count.

Mr. Ladyman sounds like an open-minded guy, though, so presumably he wouldn't count that against them.

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