How low can expectations go?

The provincial government's plan to setup regional authorities to deliver children and family services to the aboriginal community has hit another snag, according to a senior bureaucrat. Those authorities, which will be governed and managed by members of that community, have been in the works since December 2001 - albiet with many, many, many stoppages along the way. But a need for further consultation has been identified. And changes to the whole scheme may also be made by Lesley du Toit, the international contractor of mystery (Public Eye passim) hired by the premier's office to help fix British Columbia's embattled child protection system. As a result, the bureaucrat says the children and family development's acting deputy minister Arn van Iersel has given instructions that there should no new hiring or program funding until Ms. du Toit completes her work.


Interesting that regionalization is now on hold. Leslie has gone on the record to say that she does not support the regionalization of aboriginal services. I wonder how the ministry will work its way around that obvious conflict. They have invested heavily and created some goodwill with the aboriginal community by promising an independent child welfare system. How do they get out from under that promise?

Would you post the "record" source you refer to please and how to access it? Thank you.

Let's hope Ms. Du Toit is looking very closely at the "regionalization" of MCFD's other arm -- i.e. the devolution of community living to CLBC. Despite almost five years and tens of millions poured into trying to make the transformation work, it has so far solved nothing and created a whack of new problems.

...which is exactly what the Albertans warned us back in 2001, when they shared the lessons learned from their own earlier devolution of community living.

...but it's probably nothing that a little consultation won't fix. Just find 26 people who'll swear that your new vision reflects their lifelong hopes and dreams and you're good to go. Then all you need is a bottomless restructuring budget for new IT systems, a service model that offers 100 innovative ways to say "No" to people in crisis, a great communications consultant, another consultant who can write those brilliant policies that mean whatever you want them to mean at the moment and you're all set to hold the course as you crash over the rocks and reefs.'s all about knowing how to operate outside the limits of the reality-based community, you know.

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