Retreating into enemy territory

As our astute readers will already know, the provincial legislature has adjourned until next week. MLAs will be doing constituency work in the interm. But New Democrats are also scheduled to go on a field trip to Kamloops on Wednesday, where caucus members will be attending a retreat at the Coast Canadian Inn in Kamloops. Of course, not everyone is happy about the three-day excursion. Some would have preferred to spend their spring break with family rather their caucus mates. But we're told most MLAs will be there.


Of course, Budd will have something to say about who's making and who's "spending their spring break with family". A nice who's who of the "latte sipping, volvo driving" set, if you will.


●Carole James, Leader
●Robin Austin, MLA (Skeena), Fisheries Critic
●Harry Bains, MLA (Surrey-Newton), Olympics Critic
●Raj Chouhan, MLA (Burnaby-Edmonds), Human Rights, Multiculturalism and Immigration Critic
●Katrine Conroy, MLA (West Kootenay-Boundary), Seniors Health Critic
●Corky Evans, MLA (Nelson-Creston), Energy & Mines Critic
●Mike Farnworth, MLA (Port Coquitlam-Burke Mountain), Economic Development Critic
●Rob Fleming, MLA (Victoria-Hillside), Chair of Legislative Public Accounts Committee
●Scott Fraser, MLA (Alberni-Qualicum), Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation Critic
●Guy Gentner, MLA (Delta North), Crown Corporations Critic
●Sue Hammell, MLA (Surrey-Green Timbers), Women’s Critic
●Maurine Karagianis, MLA (Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca), Small Business, Revenue and Deregulation Critic
●Jenny Kwan, MLA (Vancouver-Mt. Pleasant), Finance Critic
●Chuck Puchmayr, MLA (New Westminster), Labour Critic
●Bruce Ralston, MLA (Surrey-Whalley), Agriculture & Lands Critic
●Michael Sather, MLA (Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows), Inter-Governmental Affairs Critic
●Nicholas Simons, MLA (Powell River-Sunshine Coast), Tourism, Sports and the Arts
●Bob Simpson, MLA (Cariboo-North), Forests and Range Critic
●Shane Simpson, MLA (Vancouver-Hastings), Environment Critic
●Diane Thorne, MLA (Coquitlam-Mallairdville), Childcare and Early Childhood Development
●Claire Trevena, MLA (North Island), Employment & Income Assistance Critic
●Charlie Wyse, MLA (Cariboo-South), Mental Health Critic
●Harry Lali, MLA (Yale-Lillooet), Citizen Services


●Jagrup Brar, MLA (Surrey-Panorama Ridge), Public Safety & Solicitor General Critic
●David Chudnovsky, MLA (Vancouver-Kensington), Transportation Critic
●Gary Coons, MLA (North Coast), Ferries & Ports Critic
●David Cubberley, MLA (Saanich-South), Health Critic
●Adrian Dix, MLA (Vancouver-Kingsway), Children & Family Development Critic
●John Horgan, MLA (Malahat-Juan de Fuca), Education Critic
●Leonard Krog, MLA (Nanaimo), Attorney General Critic
●Norm McDonald, MLA (Columbia River-Revelstoke), Municipal Affairs, Critic
●Gregor Robertson, MLA (Vancouver-Fairview), Advanced Education Critic

But Raj Sihota worked so hard on this trip, how dare these MLAs not show up. Don't they realize how many hours Raj puts in.

Sean Holman just won the Journalistic prize for biggest non-tem of the year.

What the heck is the story here?

Maybe the headline should be...

Some Not Able to Attend Meeting Due to Prior Engagements

Fascinating stuff.

Is this the first time someone has sent regrets?

except that a) he didn't post the regrets; and b) people have a right to know!

surprised gary coons didn't make it though.

I find it interesting. Thanks Sean. If you don't like what Sean posts- don't read it.

To me this is significant. Nine opposition MLA's and many with big time critic portfolio's have told Carole James to go pound sand. I suspect the Premier is shown more respect from his caucus. Of course, with Carole 'flip flop' James, what else is to be expected ?

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