A man in demand

Earlier, we reported Brian Berglund, one of the primary contractors for the controversial CareNet Technology Society, was appointed chief information officer for Community Living British Columbia. Mr. Berglund was previously one of the authority's contract staffers. But that's not the only time he's worked for Community Living chief executive officer Rick Mowles. In an interview with Public Eye, Community Social Services Employers' Association member services director Kathie Best confirmed Mr. Berglund's company CRB Consulting Ltd. was awarded a contract in October 2004 to "upgrade our information technology system." The contract, which was tendered through BC Bid, lasted until June 2005. Mr. Mowles was appointed chief executive officer of the association in August 2003, leaving for Community Living in February 2005.

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After reading the CLBC service plan it looks like Rick Mowles is driving CLBC over the same cliff the regional health authorities have gone over - dump the bodies of those who need support now and figure out how to catch them later.

Now we find out CLBC is retreading CareNet with the same folks who were in charge as last time, but CLBC is somehow expecting a better result?

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