The member for the planet Vulcan?

It looks like provincial New Democrat MLA Michael Sather may need to get his nuance circuits check. In his response to the Speech from the Throne, the intergovernmental affairs critic complained the Campbell administration's park user fees are a "direct disincentive for people to visit our parks and for people to use our parks...If the government is interested in increasing visitation to our B.C. parks, and I think that's a good goal to increase visitation, the first thing they should do is remove that parking tax, because it's not really even a parking tax, it's a park entrance tax." But later, while speaking about the government's plan to put resorts in parks, Mr. Sather commented "We know that increasing visitation by a large extent to any park is not good for wildlife...This is not what we want to see in our parks - not at all. So as I said, I can only hope that government will reconsider this ill-fated decision to increase commercialization of our parks."


Your paraphrasing has jumbled the context Sean, and I think you know it.

It is obvious from reading this that Sather is saying that commercialization and increasing visitation in the form of resorts etc is bad.

this doesn't contradict at all a statement that visitting in the form of day hikes is a good thing to increase.

I can't say i respect this piece of work that is warping the context of his arguments.

you should know better.

your other articles of late have been much better than this one.

Yeah, I agree with Bill. Shame on you, Holman, for making fun of the NDP. They can do no wrong (even when using conehead words such "visitation"). You're really warping (more Vulcanism's? Let's ask Scotty in Engineering) the issue. Perhaps you're also part of Gordon Campbell's sinister Phiberal plot to control the media. Remember, blogs are the only source of impartial, unbiased news these days.

Back to "visitation": perhaps it's a better word choice, since "visiting" seems so darn hard to spell.

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