In for a penny, in for a pound

Congratulations to provincial New Democrat intergovernmental relations critic Michael Sather! We're told that, very soon, the member for Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows will be bringing forward a private members' motion calling on the house to endorse the Declaration on the Principles of Parks. But there was more than a little debate amongst caucus members about Mr. Sather's proposa. According to our operatives, some quarters thought supporting such a motion could constrain the policy options for a future New Democrat government. As a result, they felt it shouldn't go forward. Of course, those following that line of thought seem to forget the party already signed onto the parks declaration at their last convention. But whatever.


Dew! Dew! Dew! Another one bites the dust.

After Carole speaks against doing this, most of caucus supports it.

the math does not look good.

Sean, you shold have called this one "The Member from the Planet Vulcan vs The Member from the Planet Romulan".

Looks like what ever the leader says goes right now -- goes down in defeat in a caucus vote that is.

It's a given that David Perry has got to go. The bigger question right now is whether it's time for a new leader. Or, some might argue, time for a leader.

Since when is this a bash Carole James thread?

I support most of Mike Sather's initiatives, but I don't agree that Golden Ears Park is a nature preserve or wildlife sanctuary.

On the contrary, it's a hydro reservoir located in a second growth forest that is at most 80 or so years old. It's a heavily used modern recreation area, with a big campsite, facilities for sewage disposal from trailers and RVs, a major picnic area and a boat launch that is used pretty much year round by power boaters. Some of those boats are very powerful, and make a great deal of noise.

If a modern resort hotel could be built there to further utilize this water body I don't see that as a bad thing. The most unfortunate development in recent years was the recent arson which destroyed a Native longhouse that was used for meetings and conferences.

In fact, in future some parts of this park could reasonably be considered for suburban development alongside the Silver Valley subdivisions, since the wildlife in the area has long since moved further north for the most part. That way, perhaps, pressure can be taken off of the much scarcer valley bottom and wetlands elsewhere in the Ridge-Meadows area.

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