Her reason for being

How did Beth James - a former assistant deputy minister at small business and economic development - became an acting associate deputy minister at children and family development? That's a question some of our astute readers continue to ask, almost a month after she was named to that post. Well, according to our operatives, her appointment is related to the fact that, late last year, Ms. James was assigned to work closely with deputy solicitor general David Morhart on his internal review into the failed transfer of child death files to the coroner's office three years ago. Mr. Morhart's investigation is now being completed by Ted Hughes as part of the former conflict of interest commissioner's B.C. Children and Youth Review.


...and what exactly did her analysis of faulty filing systems teach Ms James about child and family issues that she didn't already know from her years in promoting small business and economic development?

Wait, let me guess: Better files & economies = happier kids & families?

Now why hasn't anyone suggested replacing all the social workers with accountants so that we can make some real headway at MCFD?

Her work for Morhart may be one reason but the other more important reason is that she is very well "connected" to the Premier and his cronies.

I think that a better question is how did David Morhart get to be the Deputy Solictor General? Were not he and David Basi both involved in the BC Rail tender a couple of years ago?

In any organization there are people who know how to do as they are told, keep their mouths shut, and close their eyes.

These people tend to be rewarded handsomly by their masters.

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