Granola eaters diversify their diet

Former federal cabnet minister David Anderson was treated to a five star tribute Tuesday night, hosted by the Sierra Club of Canada's British Columbia chapter. The tribute, which took place in the North Pender Room at Victoria's swanky Hotel Grand Pacific, featured an open bar and a spread of luxury finger food including garlic and gorgonzola bundles, assorted sushi rolls and a wheel of brie with roasted silver almonds, grape and crostini. Those who took to the microphone to praise Mr. Anderson included Conservation Voters of British Columbia coordinator Matt Price, Garden City mayor Alan Lowe and the Sierra Club's conservation chair in British Columbia Vicky Husband. Provincial New Democrat leader Carole James also spoke, as did former provincial cabinet minister Andrew Petter. But it was Mr. Petter's old colleague John Cashore who got in what seemed to be the biggest laugh line of the evening, telling Mr. Anderson "I know what it's like to go through cabinet withdraw. And there's also the experience of caucus interruptus." Mr. Cashore also delivered greetings from Environment Minister Barry Penner, who was unable to attend the event.


So it was New Democrats who actually showed up and were nice to Anderson, who is the former leader of the Liberal Party. None of Gordon Campbell's guys show up. Even more proof that they are really Socreds, not Liberals.

What has David Anderson actually done to protect the environment other then to talk about it "from on high".

you got that right,so was MR. FLOATIE invited??
not likely"""""

Hey "Anderson", just for the record the entire Liberal convention in BC this year was a tribute to David Anderson.

Hey "Anderson", just for the record the entire Liberal convention in BC this year was a tribute to David Anderson.

It's a retirement party... give it rest.

Best wishes to David Anderson in his Golden Years.

"What has David Anderson actually done to protect the environment other then to talk about it "from on high"."

Well, off the top of my head:

- no offshore oil & gas drilling in BC
- Kyoto
- Species at Risk Act
- $3 billion to clean up contaminated sites in Canada
- mandatory double-hulled tankers off BC's coast (oh if only Exxon Valdez was a double-hulled tanker)
- Pacific Rim National Park
- Gulf Islands National Park

And I didn't even do a lick of research to come up with that list. Imagine what the list would be if I did?

Jenn, you are amazing, we are fortunate to have somebody of your calibre posting on this site.

Thanks Terry. If nobody posts good comments with reasoning and facts, we'd just have comments like ... well ... yours.

Jenn wrote: "Well, off the top of my head..." then lists positive examples of David Anderson accomplishments.

Jenn, it's good to site examples. I confess that in my partisan conservative days I heard (and believed) a lot of the factless noise out there. The list you have are positive accomplishments to David Anderson’s credit. Good on you for pointing them out.

I think the only negative in the Kyoto accord is that it should have been economically oriented so that penalties leveled be spent in Canada on environmental cleanup here rather than set up to be transferred to other jurisdictions. Otherwise, Anderson was right, there is a global warning issue and there needs a united worldwide effort to resolve it.

On offshore oil and gas, he was right to insist that safety comes first. I would say in a very mildly negative way, Anderson could have spent more effort pointing out that BC has more renewal-energy sources than anywhere else in the world - so offshore oil does not even need to be a major component of our energy supplies in BC. Mr. Anderson had to spend as much energy as he did - fighting the risks of offshore oil and gas - but in retrospect I think it would have been good if some of that effort could have gone into arguing for building more renewal-energy infrastructure. There is only so much public-air-time given to environmental issues and the offshore-oil debate detracts from getting the message out that the economy must move to cleaner renewable sources of energy.

These minor critisms aside, Anderson does have a record as a contributing environmentalist.

So thanks again for facts. The partisan hacks don’t have much to offer other than noisy attacks… it’s nice to hear a good point based in fact once in a while.

Eugene Parks

While I don't think that that moratorium on offshore drilling was a bad idea to begin with, it's time to end it now.

jenn, your a flake, over 90 percent of green house gasses are created by the forrest and the ocean,,, it,s nature,you nut,
tell me when an eviolmentalist ever agreed to a park , there no diff than politico,s, so jenn, even no i have my leather shoes on, will you blow me,,,,,nic

It's great to read a comment such as that of nic . Such folks do get to vote and voice opinions no matter how wrong they might be, in many of our opinion.

Jenn wrote of what David Andersons did as a MP and up pops nic.
Anderson was my MP. I never voted for him but some of the things Jenn mentioned are good for all of us. Nobody is perfect and our family hopes he enjoys his retirement, and can spend more time out at Elk Lake encouraging kids to row. Way to go Jenn, and you too David. The woman who is replacing you ( Denise Savoie)in the house will continue to raise the same sorts of concerns that you did, and you stuck to your guns on as well.
As for off shore oil, the companies don't seem to be rushing toward spending money doing any studies on the issue. wonder why?

dl do u no that canada produce,s .05 percent of all greenhouse gasses on the planet....david anderson was all optics, he was after all a politician, fools like yourself follow the feel good bullshit he speeiled.take one moment to learn the facts,,, and by the way happy seal hunting,,,,, yours truly nic.....

Nic, I won't blow you but it's not because of your leather shoes. It's your extraordinarily small cock and smaller brain that turns me off.

Nic, the only action you and many others get is masturbating on this site.

Primarily this site's postings are nothing more than the same old crew from both sides of the political spectrum offering up their usual crap. So what do you do when someone offers up some intelligent comment? You ask her to blow you.

Nic, you and your ilk are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. To paraphrase a comment Jon Stewart made to Tucker Carlson "You're as big a dick on this site as you are on any site."

So Nic, go back to what ever rock you crawled out from and get all comfy in the slime and ooze. While you're at it, take some of your friends with you. If we as a society ever decide to go back to the good old days of labeling people heretics and burning them at the stake, we'll call you. Until then, please just go away.

Get well soon nic.

Well nic, you out did even your self this time.You are wrong on all your points and I think you owe Jenn an apology.Let's see what kind of man you really are?

Thanks for the information Jenn.

Would be interested to hear from those in the know as to Mr. Emerson's position and/or intentions on the moratorium.


my apologies to jenn and anyone else offended by my comments on this site,it was deffinitely a POOR choice of words,,,,,,,


Jenn tells us her version of David Andersons's accomplishments in the field of the environment:

Well, off the top of my head:

- no offshore oil & gas drilling in BC
- Kyoto
- Species at Risk Act
- $3 billion to clean up contaminated sites in Canada
- mandatory double-hulled tankers off BC's coast (oh if only Exxon Valdez was a double-hulled tanker)
- Pacific Rim National Park
- Gulf Islands National Park

When the oil and gas exploration moratorium was first imposed off the BC Coast, David Anderson was a maverick Liberal backbencher lobbying for the idea, not a Minister actually putting it in place. On the second point, I assume Jenn means to say that Anderson persuaded the Chretien Cabinet to ratify the Kyoto Accord, not that he was personally involved in its drafting and adoption at the international level.

As Jenn knows, the recently passed federal Species at Risk Act has been criticized by organizations like the Sierra Club, which graciously hosted the party, for being far too weak. I have no idea what on earth she means by a $3 billion dollar fund or a requirement for double hulled tankers, unless it's only for ship transiting the Inside Passage, which the Alaskan tankers avoid by travelling further out to sea.

While it's fair to credit Anderson with the Gulf Islands National Park the Pacific Rim Park was agreed to by Premier WAC Bennett and national Indian Affairs Min Jean Chretien in the late 1960s or early 1970s, again when Anderson was a maverick Liberal backbencher with little influence with the Trudeau cabinet.

I wonder if Jenn would like to include among Anderson's environmental related accomplishments his work on the Pacific Salmon Treaty with former Washington Gov Gary Locke and former Alaska Gov Tony Knowles, and the state and provincial catch allocations under that treaty, or the organizational changes at the Fisheries and Oceans Dept that saw policy take a second place to public relations? Or perhaps she could go outside the environmental field and point out that as Transport Min it was David Anderson who liquidated the Ports Canada Police, ... and now we hear from every investigative journalist about rising smuggling and security problems at Canadian docks.

Perhaps his host Vicky Husband should have taken the opportunity, amidst the expensive h'ordeuvres to thank him for his various patronage appointments over the years for people like herself and Georgia Straight Liberal shill Terry Glavin.

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