Your tax dollars are workin' it in Paris

Gordon Campbell is scheduled to be in Paris this Friday and Saturday, as part of his tour to see how the Europeans spend their healthcare dollars. But while he's there, the premier might want to visit the one of the city's topless cabaret venues to see British Columbia's healthcare budget at work. Late last month, The Times reported, the Sodexho Alliance - an international catering firm that holds $403 million in provincial healthcare contracts ($330 million with the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority and $73 million with the Fraser Health Authority) - purchased a 55.5 percent stake in the Lido, an upscale establishment featuring "42 feather-clad female dancers and 17 male dancers." The reported cost of that stake: $27.1 million.


A strip bar is a good place to lose an ear.

But seriously, our tax dollars going to send a bunch of Liberals to France? There's something about that which doesn't feel right. That's the line that Carole and the NDP should be using.

So what doesn't feel right? Do you know something the rest of us don't know? Does Carole and the NDP also know something the rest of us don't know?

Nit pick it all you want, but this exploration of European models for health care is money well spent.
Let's say the budget is 1 million dollars for the expenses of this trip. That's money well spent if it results in the influence of Public Sector Unions road block to breaking up their monopoly of the system.
Because that's really what it's all about.

What doesn't feel right?

Sending a bunch of Liberals to France. Of course, I wouldn't expect a Liberal to see anything wrong with this.

Hey, I got no problem sending Liberals to France. As long as it is a one-way fare.

Putting aside the plans to privatize our medical system, the taxpayer-paid vacation, and the usual annoyance we all get from being reminded that this guy is the premier, the most unfortunate aspect of the whole affair is the embarrassment of having this gang of clowns representing us over in Europe.

I guess they should have visited Cuba to get new ideas for health care. Maybe Carole should make a trip to Cuba to get some innovative ideas from Castro on how to run health care in Canada.

Hey Giver that is Abbott's line your using.

Don't you normally go on vacation with your wife and not your brother-in-law?

So what's the problem with Cuba? Plenty of doctors in hospitals (not on the golf courses) short wait lists and free medical for all. If a poor country like Cuba can do it...?

I don't like communism. but the free health care is good. and I also hear that it is illegal to not have a job in Cuba. Again, perhaps something that is food for thought.

Also illegal to be gay or form a political party. But the beaches are lovely.

Jamaica is more my scene, but I think I'll check out Cuba. They're pretty hard working so I hear -- not a lot of pot there.

I'm not Cuban but I spend a lot of time in Andean countries and am aware of the great medical training students from this region receive - FREE - in Cuba through a scholarship system. They don't return to their countries in order to preach the Cuban system but rather, to provide good healthcare to a large population of very disadvantaged people.

It's not only the folks who run our health care system who could learn something from them but car manufacturers too!! There have been NO new cars there since Castro took over and became the Enemy and the cars are still running after all these years. Great mechanics!!

ah ,dagmar, some of the [highest]skilled workers in b.c. enjoy what is called some of the best bud in the world...that saves millions from the health care budget,,,we solve most of are aches and pains ourselves, and show up,everyday,,,


Ah, nic, pot is addictive, okay... and like... oh shit I forgot...

XOXO Daggy

The sneering about how Cuba is so bad , is tempered by somebody who actually goes there. The medical system is really something to see. The big problem is the embargo on most everything . One group we are familiar with takes down used bikes, and school supplies,such as pencils, pens and other things we just assume all kids can get at the corner store. Other groups have a difficult time taking down medical supplies. a few musicians go there regularly to teach and fix instuments for the students.

The US of A really would like to see the place go away, but then they would have to find another place to stash their so called military combatants. wonder just how many citizens of the US spend big bucks to smoke Cuban cigars? Rather two faced system isn't it.

Campbell could learn from Cuba

Times Colonist

Saturday, March 04, 2006

With continuing reports about inhumane treatment of the elderly in B.C. care facilities, maybe Premier Gordon Campbell should be touring Cuba instead of Europe to see better examples of elder health care.

As part of a Raging Granny tour of Cuba, I went recently to an elder-care home in Santiago de Cuba and found on site doctors, a psychiatrist, occupational therapists, dietitian, dentist and hairdresser. Every worker had more than a year of training in elder care.

Speaking Spanish, I could poke around on the dementia floor. Instead of rows of nodding heads propped in front of a TV screen, the place was abuzz, with one attendant helping out with domino games and another refereeing a friendly argument among some eight or 10 men -- about baseball.

Visits from family and from a neighbouring primary school were encouraged and sufficient rooms set aside for couples so that nobody would be separated from a loved one -- as has happened in B.C.

Sure, there were problems: The day-care bus had died, the stock of multivitamins was running low and toilets were not what westerners would expect, but the whole atmosphere was positive, patients were given as few drugs as possible.

This was more like a huge family than a sterile waiting room for the grim reaper. Our elder care administrators have a lot to learn.

Alison Acker,


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