Brown abandons healthcare tour

Gordon Campbell's European healthcare tour has lost another member. The premier's chief of staff Martyn Brown has abandoned the tour following a personal tragedy. Our best wishes go out to him and his family. Last week, Health Minister George Abbott announced he wouldn't be participating "because he wants to be in Victoria to receive first-hand a government report on what went wrong in the care of 91-year-old Fanny Albo of Rossland" - as reported by The Vancouver Sun and the length and breadth of the provincial press pack. The remaining tour members are the premier's deputy chief of staff Lara Dauphinee, health strategic policy and intergovernmental relations assistant deputy minister Craig Knight and British Columbia's representative to the Health Council of Canada Les Vertesi.


My God, things are getting serious when Gordo's boss leaves the area. Now his only expert is his brother in law. ( Travelling paid for by the brother in law, the same deal the Health critic offered whe n he asked to go along, and they refused to have him.wouldn't want to cramp Gordos style I guess )The T/C had a bit this morning about Gordons view of a private hospital when a far right government took over. Government changed and there are no additonal private hospital in that country. Maybe the folks knew something about private hopsitals. Good journalist might talk to that government to get their viewon why they changed the deal. because you won't get it from Gordo. You can sure learn a lot about health care overall if you only spend time in a private one. Balanced observations. Sorry to hear about Martyn's family crisis. Never could stand the guy at any meeting I ever saw him at, but family is family. we can all grieve for him.

I thought that Lara was the boss!

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