Turnabout is fair play?

Will provincial Children and Family Development Minister Stan Hagen release Nicholas Simons from the confidentiality agreement that prevents him from talking about the Sherry Charlie case? That's the question we wanted the minister to answer earlier this afternoon. So your humble organ sent a note into legislature, requesting comment from Minister Hagen. But the Liberal frontbencher refused to leave the chambers because, according to communications director Kelly Gleeson, he was on house duty until 6:00. Fortunately we managed to catch Minister Hagen while he was taking a break from his duty in the speaker's corridor - just outside the chambers.

During the brief interview, he told us his staff would be seeking a legal opinion as to whether Mr. Simons could be released from his agreement - information that had been provided moments earlier by Mr. Gleeson. We also asked Minister Hagen whether he thought it was fair for him to criticize Mr. Simons when the New Democrat MLA was legally prevented from defending himself. After a short, hollow laugh, he replied "I think it's funny that you would ask that question given what people have been saying about me" before re-entering the house.


"short, hollow laugh" ?

Careful, Sean, these are not the statements of a credible journalist... you are treading dangerously close to the boundary between statements of fact and editorialized fiction. No one in the Parliament buildings considers you credible, and your legions of readers are starting to develop similar opinions. If you want to write a novel, just do it already.

All that aside, don't LIE in your posts. "...sent a note into Legislature..." As a quasi-credible journalist, you are not allowed to send notes to members in the house. The Sargent-at-arms simply won't allow it. So don't lie. It only further weakens the quicksand-like soil you currently stand on.


I'm wondering if you recognize the difference between fact 'n' fiction. Your over generalizations would suggest not. Have you asked everyone at the Rockpile how they view Holman's credibility? And how could you possibly know the opinions of his legions of readers?

Perhaps Third Person Omniscient would be a more fitting identity for you.

Nuff Said

OK, "hollow laugh" sounded a bit off to me too. But I took it to mean "fake".

Unknown very clearly has an axe to grind with Mr Holman -- who are you? -- but credibility is not something that one wishes away and young Holman has established an ample amount of it in his 30 years.

The funny part was his catching Hagen taking a break outside when the Minister's earlier excuse was that he was unable to respond because of being on duty until 6 pm. How embarrassing! No wonder his laugh was "hollow".

The Unknown BC Liberal soldier writes:

"No one in the Parliament buildings considers you credible, and your legions of readers are starting to develop similar opinions."

Be careful Sean - if you lose all credibility in the Legislature - not Parliament, by the way - you may just be in line to join the BC Liberal cabinet!

Bill Tieleman

Between Hagen and George Abbott I would think the Liberals would shy away from using the word credibility
at all. Keep at it, Sean and a short, hollow laugh directed at 'Unknown'.

Hollow laughs aside, is anyone disputing the reported quote (ie. the specific words) from Mr. Hagen?

If not, I find Mr. Hagen completely lacking in credibility on this issue given his statements regarding Mr. Simons last week, as reported by Dirk Meissner and others:

Mr. Hagen was critical of Nicholas Simons, who was hired by the ministry on a contract basis to do the director's case review.

Mr. Simons, elected last May as a first-time New Democrat MLA, was working as the director of another aboriginal child welfare agency when he was asked to do the review in 2002.

"Could we have chosen a better reviewer?" said Mr. Hagen. "Probably."

Remember, when Mr. Hagen made that original statement he knew that Mr. Simons could not defend himself because he had been gagged by agreement with Mr. Hagen's own ministry.

(and, as was reported credibly by Mr. Holman even earlier, Mr. Simons had been first subpoenaed and then subsequently removed from the witness list at the Charlie inquest)


A common tactic by some is to shoot the messenger in order to take the focus off of the message. How predictable.

The fact is that mcfd is bleeding badly AGAIN due to incompetence at the top and Sean is among the few who has the guts to write about where the problems originate.

There's a very big story going on in mcfd and the premier's office RIGHT NOW and I hope to see this sad tale here soon - the mainstream media sure won't touch it.

"There's a very big story going on in mcfd and the premier's office RIGHT NOW and I hope to see this sad tale here soon - the mainstream media sure won't touch it."

You left out the NDP. They won't touch what you're eluding to either.

Comrade Teilman:

While you are right in that traditionally, the provincial loony bin is the "Legislature", and the Ottawa version is "Parliament", you should check the mailing address for your local MLA... chances are, his Victoria address is at the (gasp) Parliament Buildings.

In fact, on the Public Outreach site, they (double gasp) list the address as Parliament Buildings!!


Wow, Bill, I think this is column-worthy!

Or, you could write about Holman's above-noted troubled relationship with the truth.

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