It's not just a lockup, it's a casting call

As our astute readers know, reporters aren't the only ones who get to attend the provincial government's budget lockups. Stakeholders, who include everyone from the British Columbia Federation of Labour to the British Columbia Chamber of Commerce, are also given a sneak peak at the province's books before the finance minister presents them to the legislature. But this year press gallery members weren't the only ones pay special attention to those special interests, asking them for their opinion on the budget. Speaking with Public Eye, finance communications director Robert Pauliszyn confirmed staffers from the premier's office interviewed stakeholders and video taped their responses for possible posting on the government's Website. When asked whether that video would be used in future television commercials, Mr. Pauliszyn said, "Not to my knowledge."



I don't understand... how is this news?

Government has been doing this for years... and I don't think there's any rules against government's using third pary validators.

Geez Sean, you don't get paid by the post... so only post when it's worthwhile!!

Don't you have the invite list as you have for previous budgets?

You are losing your touch!

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