Luxury for less

Earlier, we noted the provincial government surtax on passenger vehicles priced over $49,000 would now only apply to cars and trucks valued at more than $55,000 - which means you can buy your BMW Z4 Roadsters and the Jaguar X-Types for a whole lot less. But, interestingly, this isn't the first time the Cambell administration has upped that surtax threshhold. In Finance Minister Colin Hansen's February 2005 budget, it increased from $47,000 to $49,000, costing taxpayers $5 million in annual revenue. And Gary Collins's July 2001 economic and fiscal update increased that threshhold from $32,000 to $47,000 at a cost of $40 million in revenue. Of course, it is entirely coincidental that the British Columbia Automobile Dealers Association (now the New Car Dealers Association of British Columbia) has contributed $391,269 to Liberal coffers since 1999, including a whopping $150,299 during the recent election.


Thank you for taking the trouble to look that up, Sean. I vaguely remembered the earlier change that Gary Collins made. When you put all three changes in sequence like that, however, it's very clear why these changes are being made and who is benefitting!

Uh, have you seen how much it is to buy a good truck these days. You know, for the workin' man, a deisel F350 isn't a luxury. It's a necessity. Actually, it's a right. I can't stand Gordon Campbell and his freaky Liberal ways, but I can't argue with this one. Not everyone lives in Vancouver, plays bongo drums, has an inordinately large dog, and drives a moped.

Dagmar, it is not your RIGHT to ruin the environment. But why even bother responding to you. You are a troll!

A Beamer, jag or monster truck in every garage? That's our right -- a necessity -- not a privilege?

If people need trucks or other vehicles for employment, there are existing tax mechanisms to defray the costs. Why should our tax structure reward those who pollute unnecessarily or who choose to drive luxury vehicles?

This was done to help out the 'working' man? That's good to know because I thought maybe it had something to do with paying back the car dealers who contributed to the Liberal coffers.

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