Trimming a little off the top

It looks like there's been an outbreak of restructuring fever at the attorney general's court services branch. Among those infected: assistant deputy minister Helen Pedneault who has decided the branch no longer needs its four regional directors, who were responsible managing law court and sheriff services in the following areas: Interior, Northern, Vancouver Island and Vancouver Westminster. Those services will now report directly to branch headquarters as part of a fashionable move to eliminate silos within the ministry. We're told the staff filling those posts - Michael Christian, Alvin Glover, Bill Grandage and Joanne Pitzel - have been re-assigned.

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Interesting you can have Health Authorities located in the very same places these are located but not court/sheriff managers. Maybe they're not towing the government line and need to be brought in closer for Wally to watch over. Maybe this is the next department of government to be privatized????? Kind of makes me wonder????

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