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Earlier this month, British Columbia Medical Association members made headlines when they elected controversial Cambie Surgical Centre founder Brian Day as their Canadian Medical Association presidential nominee. But those who pay attention to the minutae of such events may be interested to know Fair Voting BC was commissioned to run that historic election, which was conducted via a mail-in preferential ballot. According to our operatives, the electoral reform group's president Bruce Hallsor also served as the association's chief electoral officer. The cost for all that work: expenses plus a $2,000 donation to Fair Voting - which will go toward financing its future electoral reform campaigns. Fair Voting intends to continue contracting out its services as part of its fundraising activities.

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Dr. Day was the guy who fixed up my ankle about ten years ago. He was working at UBC Hospital at the time.The guy who put it all together was in Victoria, and in my uneducated view didn't do that well. Hell I was only off work for around a year. Good thing my wife had a job and I had a extended medical plan as well. Day worked the area on three different occasions. He was complaining then about lack of operating room time. As a doctor I found no fault with him but now he has a private system going, the idea of going to his place for surgury, simply woudn't enter my mind .

Today in the T/C we see pictures of hospital beds lined up at the Royal Jubilee Hospital. Is it lack of patients, which I doubt. Or lack of operating spaces, operating staff, diagnostic testing services, and recovery beds. Anyone needing operations simply have to wait, till all the elements come together. and we are supposed to be the best, province in the medical business in Canada. Dream on and hope you don't break anything, or wear anything out

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