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Earlier, we reported Minister Rich Coleman was refusing interview requests about his new housing strategy, which apparently will focus on handing out rental supplements rather than funding social housing. So when we caught up with the minister at the Rockpile yesterday, we pressed him for details on those plans. His response: "Well Sean, like I said, you'll wait with everyone else." But didn't he already elaborate on that plan at the Canadian Home Builders' Association of British Columbia's annual crystal ball session? "Oh no, I just talked about pieces of it and philosophical stuff - which I do. But the actual strategy is going to be pretty comprehensive and I think pretty groundbreaking."

And will he be discussing that strategy with social housing advocates, we inquired? "I've been talking to social housing advocates for 15 years about this stuff. I used to be the housing critic back 10 years ago. And I've got housing critic, housing societies I talk to all the time...They'll get input as we walk through the implementation side of this thing. But when you get past the stage where you've done years of looking at this stuff and getting the work done and you start working the numbers it becomes more of a cabinet and treasury board-type document - which is, quite frankly, confidential until I release it."


! H ! E ! L ! P !

'The provincial government is considering rent subsidies to renters instead of revitalizing the housing program.'

Could someone please explain how rent subsidies are going to increase the number of available social housing units?

All I see with rent subsidies is more $$ in the pockets of landlords and a disincentive to building social housing.

Isn't there already a low rental vacancy rate that is pushing up the price of rental housing?

There they go with that term 'groundbreaking' again.

Only last time wasn't it Mr. Campbell?

My,they've really their talking points down pat don't they.


there are already slum landlords taking advantage of those who have limited options. The government should buy/build instead of rent if they want to maintain some kind of policy beyond $ issues.

I wanted to send my thoughts directly to Mr.Coleman, but he hasn't gotten around to filling out his email and phone numbers on the Gov website:

Could one of you please explain to me why government and we the taxpayers should be in the business of building houses for anyone?

If government builds houses, then they become responsible for maintenance and upkeep of these houses and the tenants are responsible for nothing. Have you seen what some of the people who live in these houses do to the property?

If one of you can come up with a solution that addresses the problems of dealing with those who abuse the system and those who do not in a fair manner, I'd suggest you run for political office.

As it is, most of you sit and lob barbs from the sidelines while failing to come up with solutions. How about this, put up or shut up. We have plenty of people willing to point out what is wrong with society and prescious few willing to develop realistic solutions. And please don't tell me government should just pony up some money. Government after government throws money at the problem and it never goes away.

Try this for fun, track all federal, provincial and municipal funding announcements for Vancouver's East Side for the last five years. When the shock of seeing all those zeroes behind the numbers wears off, maybe you'll think we should try another approach to the so called poverty problem.

If one of you can come up with a solution that addresses the problems of dealing with those who abuse the system and those who do not in a fair manner, I'd suggest you run for political office.

Like Mr. Emerson?


I think if you look hard at the balanced, mixed income, equity driven project that even fair-minded developers were on board with in SE False Creek before the new Vancouvercouncil clawed it back you will see a pretty good answer to your question.

And as turnabout is, apparently, fair play on comment threads perhaps you would like to take a stab at answering this one....

How is welfare for landlords is going to help anybody who can't afford a decent place to live build equity?


Social housing is costly to build. What about government subsidized mobile home parks?

Hey folks, in Colemans mind he is right,everyone else, except Gordo is wrong. The guy is always interesting to watch in the house. He rears up after undoing his jacket, insults the questioner, then sits down and chews his cheeks for awhile.Makes sure Gordo was happy with what he said so he can expect to draw the salary for awhile longer. For a ex cop he is making pretty good wages

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