Former highway king steamrolls over competition!

Looks like there has been a major upset in the provincial New Democrat hierarchy. According to our operatives, during yesterday's long-awaited caucus officer elections, Yale-Lillooet MLA Harry Lali succeeded in beating out Maurine Karagianis and Gregor Robertson for the post of deputy caucus chair. That victory could be seen as a signal that a majority of New Democrats legislators are dissatisfied with the status quo and its standard bearers. Meanwhile, we're told Raj Chouhan's candidacy to be deputy whip was thwarted by Coquitlam-Maillardville MLA and certified no-bullshit artist Diane Thorne. The incumbents who previously held those offices - Jagrup Brar and John Horgan - didn't run for re-election.


Thank god Raj Chouhan didn't win! He is the most useless MLA ever, was he not the one in error spoke punjab in the legislature.

Just another nail in the coffin. The election of Harry Lali over Carole-anointed Gregor Robertson is a sign that the Caucus is coming to life and not going to take Perry/Carole for much longer. Kwan/Perry/James better take this as the serious message that it is.

Ah yes... Harry "The Seive" Lali, the leakiest MLA since Watergate. No surprise that The Private Eye reports selected leaks from the NDP caucus - most of which bathe Lali in the positive glow of journalistic patronage. Lali has been leaking information to selected journalists for years - while in cabinet, and as a backbench MLA. His only priority is self-promotion, and to attack rivals in his own party who get in his way. He would be better suited as a Liberal or Conservative than an NDP'er.

Well, something positive for the NDP, Carole is nothing but a wet noodle. The role of the opposition is to oppose, not act like sheep!

Cry havoc - and unleash the dogs of war!

Where does this leave amiable nitwit Mike Farnworth? Whatever Carole James's imperfections may be, it's Farnworth's biggest move so far to have fallen hook, line and sinker for the Campbell-de Jong MLA pay raise trap. That cost the NDP dearly in the local elections, and probably cost another two or three seats in the federal election as well.

Yet Farnworth, never one to hide his own high estimate of himself, actually has his relatives out telling people that he will be taking over the leadership of the BC NDP well before the 2009 election. IOWs, Farnworth is even dumber than his conduct in the MLA pay raise fiasco would indicate!

This is a good first step and a message to Carole.

Budd Campbell must depend on David Perry for his paycheque. Farnworth did his duty as House Leader. You think anything Farnworth did was not sanctioned and encouraged by Perry/James? Perry is trying to make Farnworth the scapegoat for his own bad judgement. And besides, there's this woman named Carole James and guess what? She's (supposed to be) the leader of this party.

Is Budd Campbell a Vision Vancouver/Funky Bunch member? He must be. Why else would he try and blame Division vancouver's loss on Farnworth. If that's why Division loss, then vancouver voters are pretty dumb. I wonder why voters closer to Farnworth's home didn't punish candidates supported by him.

You've almost gotta wonder the way he does the partisam bickering on behalf of the Carole/Perry and Funcky Curious George Moncky Vision Vancouver Loserites.

This is great and a sure sign that Carole James/David Perry are losing their grip of power and but fast.

Good thing too. How is it that Carole has been given the strongest mandate ever for an opposition leader and yet has done nothing for the past 8 months? She doesn't have the leadership skills necessary and she doesn't have the courage to take stands and make tough decisions. This accounts for her silence over the Louise Burgart appointment and her flip-flop/screw-job of caucus on the MLA raise. What Carole boosters like Budd Campbell forget, in their blaming of Farnsworth for the raise issue, is that Carole is the leader of the party, not him. I'll say it again. Carole is the leader. Budd, the fact that you are blaming others for actions which rightly rest on the leader's shoulders is actual more of a symptom of the problem with the leadership of James/Perry.

I'm glad that caucus is starting to get restless. Release the hounds!!!

Hey. It's Dagmar.

I like what Lali and Thorne represent. The "no-bullshit, shit-kicking NDP which we elected to make some noise is coming back after the many years of oppression by leaders since the Dosanjh days.

I couldn't be more thrilled by this new direction of caucus.

Tonight we're going to party like it's 1996!


Five bucks says that "Krispy" (aka comment #3) is a desperate party operative on the inside.

I would not be surprised since I am sure that Perry & Co. are in serious damage-control mode right now.

I'm lost on Sean's contention here, and most everyone else's, it seems... Harry Lali is the ultimate rebel/outsider in the NDP caucus, whereas Karagianis, a former staffer for Lali and Sihota (another maverick, no?) and critic for small business and revenue (sounds like James and Perry have a lot of faith in her with that heavyweight posting...) and recent NDP sign-up Gregor Robertson are clearly favoured by the powers that be? Speaking of that pay raise scandal, wasn't Lali one of the biggest supporters of that bill (he was conspicuously absent from the flip-flop vote) while it is general acknowledged that newbies in the caucus like Robertson were uncomfortable with it?
And just because Raj Chouhan IS a bullshit artist that automatically makes him a Perry/James favourite? Is that why he won the heavy-duty critic posting of Human Rights, Multiculturalism and Immigration? These implications just don't make any sense. I think too much is being read into these little elections. Couldn't it be possible they were just popularity contests, like class president?

Okay,'s time for ATLEAST David Perry to be fired. Anyone else see QP? It was pathetic. Perry does not know what he is doing. He's making it all about him. The NDP won't magically form government next time just because. They have to work for it and earn it. Clearly this will not happen with Perry at the helm. He just doesn't get it.

Agreed. QP blowed big time. Caucus better figure out pretty quick that a new approach and new staff (maybe leader) are needed to get going, or else they can look forward to another decade in opposition.

Clearly Not, it seels that the biggest bullshit artist here is you.

Gregor Robertson a party outsider? Give me a frickin' break! He has been promoted as the new moderate Carole James-style poster boy since he was nominated as a candidate. That would almost be as ridiculous as claiming that Maurine Karagianis is a party outsider because, in the past she worked for Moe Sihota. You conveniently forget that she also backed Carole's leadership. So did Raj Chouhan, who has been a high profile backer of Carole from the beginning.

So it is a popularity contest. The "in-crowd" lost and the "outsiders" won. It might also be an informal referendum on Carole's leadership.

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