Another casualty of government downsizing

Looks like there's been some shifting of rocks at the pile: yesterday provincial Liberal staffers were flabbergasted to discover beloved caucus managing director Sarah Bonner had been downsized. According to our operatives, a reduction in the government's caucus size following the recent election meant that her post - which was responsible for coordinating the Campbell administration's herd of legislative assistants - was no longer needed. Ms. Bonner (who is a longtime associate of the premier's chief of staff Martyn Brown) is said to be departing on good-terms with the senior management.


I would of thought that she would have been shuffled into Public Affairs instead of being let go?

ya , she must be leaving (partially ) on her own accord - perhaps to spend more time mwith family ???

She is much more talented thatn the majority of MAs there , she certainly could have (if she really wanted to) moved into one of those roles

The corporate memory continues to fade !!!

Maybew she knows enough to get out from under the mess run by Martyne.

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