Freudian scripts?

Earlier, we reported on the present status of Jane Morley's investigation into "timelines, changes to terms of reference, and other matters relating to the director's case review" of Sherry Charlie's death. Said investigation is included in the child and youth officer's non-alphabetical list of current projects and activities. But, interestingly, that work is listed at the very bottom of the three-page document. Surley this is not an indication of how much the government wants this issue to go away?

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This poor child's death investigations has more twists and turns . Today a recess was called just before noon when a social worker said her supervisor was told about the goings on and it raised red flags with the worker. the supervisor said. "No problem".The supervisor saw no red flags. Some one is confused , maybe trying to pass the resonsibility, or who knows what. Hopefully Sherry Charlies' death will not be shoved back under the rug, as it had been for so long.

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