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Last year, our astute readers will remember the province's child and youth officer was tasked with investigating "timelines, changes to terms of reference, and other matters relating to the director's case review" of Sherry Charlie's death. That investigation was supposed to have been completed before January. But an extension granted by Attorney General Wally Oppal pushed that deadline to the end of the month - providing agencies and individuals named in Jane Morley's report an opportunity to give further comment. And now, thanks to another delay, said report won't be on Attorney General Oppal's desk until Wednesday. But that doesn't mean the press will be paging through it anytime soon. Prior to the report's public release, the ministry will have to review the report for legal considerations - such as compliance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and whether anyone named has been defamed.


Good to hear the Wally Oppal is letting the agencies involved speak there bit on the piece. Good decision Wally!

And not one he would have decided had there not been serious pressure from the NDP.

In fact, there wouldn't even be an investigation, I bet.

Actually Bill I do agree with you, a lot of this has to do with Adrian Dix. But Oppal has put politics aside and worked with the other side.

Politics are NEVER put aside. Nothing is more important than political positioning. Nobody in any cabinet will ever allow the right "thing" to interfere with the political" thing".

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