Burgart brought down!

Today, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Bill Barisoff revealed provincial Liberal supporter Louise Burgart resigned her post as an electoral boundary commissioner earlier this month. Said Mr. Barisoff, "Louise was an excellent candidate. When her name came forward, I did consult with the premier. And I did consult with the leader of the Opposition. And both agreed she would have done a fine job on the electoral boundaries commission. Since then, there has been some controversy regarding her appointment. And, on February 2, Louise felt that in fairness to her and the process itself she decided she should submit her resignation."

When asked about provincial New Democrat leader Carole James's concerns regarding Ms. Burgart's partisanship, the speaker replied "Ms. James indicated to me she knew Ms. James back when she was a school board member. And she had interaction with her. And she felt she would do an excellent job. And it was certainly known her leanings were probably more to the Liberal-side than to the NDP-side. But we both felt - all three of us felt her qualifications far exceeded" her partisan connections.


Hilarious. In no small part because of your efforts Sean. Kudos.

It's time to recognize the true leader of Her Majesty's Official Opposition...Sean Holman!

Great work.

James keeps trying to have a open mind about everyone she ever met or worked with. There are times when it's the right thing to simply say no. No matter what she has said so far will be used to show she really was dumb not to see a conflict. Maybe she is dumb, or just plain nice. I sure hope not because the guy who is screwing the average BC citizens needs to be removed. Oops almost forgot. His name is Gordo. and it's time Ms.James to get some sensible handlers to keep you from looking like an easy mark.

House opens tommorrow, let's see the opposition do some holding feet to the fire.


Glad that one is over.

Now Mr. Holman can start getting ready, in large part by re-reading his own stuff, for the main event coming in April.

Maybe it's time for Barisoff to step down for being so myopic and arrogant to even think of appointing Burgart to the post. What was he thinking???

One down and lots to go.

Anyone notice the large fence that showed up in front of the Legislature this morning. I'm not too sure if it's to keep the peasants from getting close to "their buildings" as Mike Harcourt used to call the stone pile, or a attempt to keep the opposition out of the house. Either way it makes one think of the security in front of the White House or some US compound. Let's really show the world by arming those old commissionairs who hang around the place What level is this province sinking toward? seems pretty low right now.

Good going, Sean. Mighty pen.

The fence has been there for every throne speech since the Clayoquot decision (in about 1994?) when protesters' successful attempts to storm the main door (only ever unlocked and used when the L-G enters the building) put a 60+ year old sgt-at-arms in the hospital

Good on you, Sean, the leader of the unofficial opposition.

Too bad that the useless Carole James/David Perry leadership brain trust didn't have the guts to do it.

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