Power lines of communication?

Who's that we spy working at BC Hydro Corp.? Why it's none other than Susan Yurkovich, a former member of the provincial Liberal's super-secret central campaign committee. In an email, sent to Public Eye, media relations manager Elisha Moreno confirmed "Susan is doing contract work on a part time basis" for the Crown corporation. "She has been engaged since the second week of January to work on communications" having been hired by chief executive officer Bob Elton."

In a subsequent interview, Ms. Moreno said should couldn't discuss the value of that contract or its method of award. Nor could she comment on whether Ms. Yurkovich's hiring had anything to do with an incident in December where the Campbell administration "intervened directly in the management of BC Hydro, forcing the giant utility to pull the plug on a major announcement about the development of electrical power." But it would certainly make sense. After all, according to The Vancouver Sun's Vaughn Palmer, even though "the plan had been in the works for months...the politicians only got wind of the details" two days before that announcement. So perhaps Ms. Yurkovich has been inserted to prevent future miscommunications? The following is a complete copy of Ms. Moreno's email.


From: Moreno, Elisha
Sent: 10 February 2006 12:19
Subject: BC Hydro response

Susan is doing contract work on a part time basis at BC Hydro. She has been engaged since the second week of January to work on communications. She was hired by the CEO, Bob Elton, to do this work. She is away right now, so we don't have any more details to provide.

Elisha Moreno
BC Hydro Media Relations manager


Nice to see that Hydro has finally hired someone who actually knows what they are doing.

the New Era, indeed!

Susan will be a great asset to Hydro. Glad they have her, she's great!

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