Another fatality at children and family development

Last night, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.'s Justine Hunter exclusively reported Alison MacPhail had been exited from her post as deputy minister responsible for children and family development. But, according to our operatives, Ms. MacPhail has since accepted another job in government. A statement regarding the departure will be issued this morning, with the premier's deputy minister Jessica McDonald doing interviews on the matter throughout the day.


Excellent. This way Ms. MacPhail can collect her lump sum "contract termination" fee while still maintaining her accrued pension plan status.

It is not the responsibility of a non-elected civil servant to give interviews to the press - that is the responsibilty of our elected representatives.

MacPhail managed to cultivate a good reputation at MCFD, so I'm not sure where "Innocent Bystander" gets off sniping in this way. What a mess of a ministry. MacPhail probably deserves some sort of termination pay for having lived through that madhouse in the New Era.

It's not just Alison: Jeremy B., an ADM has also been dumped; his replacement is to be a 34 year old who is characterized by a lot of people in government as a "pitbull", who worked in the Premier's office and whose style is to yell and scream at everyone, believing that this is the way to get things done - through the abuse of others - when MCFD is supposed to be about stopping abuse; and a South African is being imported into the Premier's office to run child welfare issues out of there.

I agree with the poster who states that Alison deserves compensation. Walk a mile in the mocassins of the good folks working there.....

Terrific news for the morale of lots of really dedicated staff at MCFD, eh?

Alison is not gone. She is in the AG's office which was where she was prior to mcfd. Jeremy is not gone. He is on long term disability due to a car accident.In teresting that there is no one in BC or in Canada for that matter who can assist Bc with child welfare reform.Must make the local folks feel validated.

I thought McPhail was generally well regarded by people who have to deal with MCFD -- certainly a huge improvement over Chris Haynes.

Though I strongly disagreed with many of the policies she was charged with implementing, the few times I met with her I found her reasonable, professional and up-front. She made some sensible changes to mitigate the mess left by Hogg, Haynes and Walls, within the contraints set by the political powers that be.

Sounds like just another attempt to divert attention from the root problem--Mr Campbell's ideological agenda. He just can't bear to provide the tax dollars needed to make the system work in terms of supporting vulnerable children, families and adults and isn't willing to bear the political consequences of failure, so the solution is to blame everyone else while laying the groundwork to dumping MCFD's responsibiities on local communities.

No MCFD, no problem!

Hey, great spin about Jeremy but it's just that: spin. Yes, he was in a car accident but he's been back to work at MCFD for awhile now and the formal announcement of his departure (sacking) is imminent.

Also, great spin about Alison and the AG but again, it's just that: spin.

Actually, Jeremy is being replaced by the current head of MCFD Vancouver Coastal. And it may be spin but I doubt that Jeremy will be sacked while on disability. Maybe a little bit of spin but there are some facts in there as well.

Moustache is way off base. I think I know who he is refering to. They are lucky to have someone from the premier's office who is focussed and results oriented and can get things done. I had a great working relationship with this person; a punching bag Ministry like MCFD should consider themselves lucky to have a person with this skill set coming to help them out of their perpetual mud puddle.

There is always one person who is able to get along with an abuser. Most professionals, however, don't appreciate being bullied and if the Premier thinks that Management by Abuse will get him where he wants to be, he is sadly mistaken. I predict that his agenda re MCFD is going to fail under such leadership and the losers will be the children and families of the province - again.

There are a significant number of people working in MCFD already who are, as junior states above, focussed and results oriented. The challenge they face is getting their work done when there are so many really bad decisions made, such as those that are happening now. Change is not always a good thing. Management by Abuse is not the answer.

The Berland brothers (Alex and Jeremy) are bad news in the social services field in BC. Having worked with them I'm not sorry to see them go. (Alex was dumped a cuple of years ago) Having said that I'm sure Campbell will replace Jeremy with someone that is sure to create havoc and despair in MCF.

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