Rich Coleman: Interprovincial Man of Mystery

Earlier, we reported on provincial Housing Minister Rich Coleman's apparent plan to focus on handing out rental supplements rather than building more social housing. To clarify those plans, Public Eye placed a request for an interview with the minister more than two weeks ago. And this is the response: "He will not be talking to media until the strategy is released." So sayeth forests and range public affairs officer Tiffany Akins, who notes the minister has turned down similar requests from two other outlets. Of course, your humble organ would be remiss if we didn't observe that Minister Coleman seems to have had no trouble discussing that strategy at the Canadian Home Builders' Association's annual crystal ball session. And the Rental Owners and Managers Association of British Columbia appear to have discussed the issue at some length with him - unlike social housing advocates. So here's a question for our astute readers: is Minister Coleman doing a good job or a bad job of assuaging concerns that he's simply in the business of subsidizing landlords?


Ooooh! Nicely nailed, Holman!

...and to answer your question -- No, me & my concerns don't feel in the least bit assuaged.

Hmmmmmm..... not sure if I know the answer at this time.

But I do know that 'assuaged concerns' don't amount to a hill of beans in this world if handouts for landlords only serve to help to keep one under the thumb of all the budding young Mr. Potters of this province.

And another thing.....what exactly does the Minister of Rangelands and Forests do old Bonanza episodes and affect the assauging, but simultaneously stern, voice of Lorne Greene?


RossK, maybe Coleman meets up with the equally mysterious Minister of Public Safety at Brokebutt Mountain to discuss racial profiling and whether or not to invade Sierra Leone.

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