Ticket to ride?

Earlier, your humble organ reported between fiscal 2001 and 2004, the Campbell administration transferred $3.3 million to headhunting specialists on a list of pre-qualified executive search firms. A number of them had donated their time to identify potential senior bureaucrats on behalf of the Liberals. And they've also been generous with their money. According to a review of Elections British Columbia filings, those companies have contributed $31,415 to the Liberals (which includes the value of their aforementioned headhunting services). The following is a complete list of those contributions.

The Caldwell Partners International Inc.

1996 $2,000
2000 $2,500
2001 $2,500
2002 $2,675

Korn/Ferry International Inc.

2000 $5,000

Pinton Forrest & Madden Group Inc.

1996 $500
1999 $500
2000 $500
2001 $1,000
2002 $535
2003 $598
2004 $1,348
2005 (Election) $898

Ray & Berndtson/Tanton Mitchell Inc.

1999 $400
2000 $1,070
2001 $4,836
2002 $660
2005 (Election) $1,070

Western Executive Selection Inc.

2003 $1,200
2004 $300
2005 (Election) $400


OK, let's assume for moment that there is a quid pro quo at work here.

The thing is, that's less than 1% of the total revenue.

Is it really possible that our humble political overlords can be bought off so cheaply?

Or, put another way, is that all it takes?



Hang on a second.......How much did Mr. Falcon get again from those transportation interests that have done so well by his and his Ministrys' decisions?

Never mind.


A very close relationship indeed between big business and our business lackey Linos.This is only scratching the surface of what is going on in back of the store.

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