Feeling at home, away

It seems Philip Steenkamp is being temporarily transferred from the bombed-out front line that is Jessica McDonald's office. Mr. Steenkamp, the deputy minister of social development strategic policy and former deputy minister of advanced education, has been seconded to the Ontario civil service where he will serve as the top bureaucrat at the ministry of training, colleges and universities.

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We used to watch Philip way back when he was a treaty negotiator, and then as deputy minister .
We, were just watchers of the treaty process but watched a lot of the folks work in that area. We figured he was a solid performer in both jobs and well liked by everyone aroud the tables.

Can't quite figure out how he stayed after Gordo and gang came in and he got shifted. But Philip has a PHD and we don't so he can probrably justfy what he does. Hope he enjoys the winters in Ontario

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