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Provincial New Democrat MLAs are weighing-in on our report that the Fraser Health Authority has awarded a multi-million dollar contract to a nursing home operator with a past conviction for income tax evasion. In an interview with Public Eye, seniors' health critic Katrine Conroy said "I'm thinking, shouldn't that have raised alarm bells for the Fraser Health Authority as well as the government? I find it very odd that this (information) didn't come forward" during the competitive bid process that awarded the contract. Noting Mr. Bennewith's past contributions to the Liberals, Ms. Conroy added "It's a real concern for us that it seems that this government is choosing to reward their friends instead of thinking what's the best option for seniors." And health critic David Cubberley said the nursing home operator's tax conviction "speaks to character. And if there was someone else who was equally capable of delivering the service on the ground, I think it would be a reason for not picking that entity and preferring another entity."

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