Will caucus ask for back-to-work legislation?

Earlier, we reported provincial New Democrat constituency assistants would be negotiating a new collective agreement with caucus over the fall. That didn't happen. But, according to our operatives, bargaining is now scheduled to get underway on February 15 and 16. And there's already some discussion that the pay raise those assistants want may not be what caucus is prepared to give them.


I'm sure there's a lot of discontent in light of the differential between the wage of the assistants on the bottom (who do the work) versus the wage of the staffers like David Perry and Raj Sihota.

Pay differentials are always an issue in any workplace. What are the differences among the NDP staffers, and how does that compare with the staffers working for the Liberals?

Pay Raise? Good luck to them. Any possibility of that was pissed away by Carole James. I hope she can look them all in the eye the same way she can to Simms. What a joke.

no pay raise for them. See the bc lib constit. assitants make about average $42,000. while they highest paid are about $48,000. I don't think the ndpers are paid that high.

Hey Kevin. It's Dagmar.

What does a pay raise for assistants have to do with the failed pay raise for MLAs and Cabinet Ministers?

Honestly, all you Liberals want is more money for doing nothing. Not a whole hell of a lot of difference between you Liberals and my neighbours who sit around all day collecting eine dole (and these neighbours voted Liberal too).

It's always tough when an association, union, or company that is considered left of center to have to negotiate with their employees. But baragining is about a lot of things, pay being one of them. what the employees of the NDP end up getting is really between the two parties. If they can't work a deal and vote on it, well maybe a mediator can be hired. In my old union is was tough bargaining with our office staff, we heard the same sort of stuff about labour shafting labour, but it was settled and last time I looked the folks were still running the office.


The overall pay package that all MLA’s agreed to before Carole welched on it, included a pay raise for both the ground level MLA staff and the internal research staff. The two groups that usually get shat on and forgotten about much as they did once again. Only this time it is Carole James that single-handedly screwed them.

No Kevin. It's the Liberals who made MLA raises and pensions become tied to MLA staff increases in one bill to try to force it through. Because, like Liberals, they wanted something for nothing.

IF paid staff are at a unnacceptable level on both sides of the house,maybe a committee could sort it out and pass the authority to pay up to so much an office.Lenght of service could indicate different pay scales, But if the staff have a collective agreement, they can negotiate the raise. It can't come out of the MLA's wages. It's a government office.

Wrong again Dagmar it was the Libs AND the NDP who collectively worked together and agreed on the Bill that included wage increases for support staff. It was Carole James and Carole alone who screwed them all.

Typical Liberal who sits around and blames everyone else for their problems. The Liberals have a majority and they could push through anything they want. Why are you blaming Carole. Jesus, typical Liberal.

How stupid are you Dagmar ? The entire pay raise bill was jointly negotiated and AGREED to by BOTH the Liberals AND the NDP. Why do you think it went through the house without so much as one word of opposition by any NDP member?

Simply because they had all agreed to it after having worked on it together. It was only Carole James who acted on her own and screwed them all over after big labor got a hold of her, despite her efforts to flee to Saskatchewan and leave everyone else to do the dirty work.

Use you head Dagmar, the Libs do have a majority and had they wanted to pass this without the support of the NDP they easily could have. Fact is they ALL made a deal and Carole cracked under the pressure and bailed out, screwing her own support staff in the process.

What part of that do you not understand ?

The part I don't understand is why you are blaming Carole. Your Liberals are the government, not the NDP. Your Liberals. Your Liberals could always bring forward a bill to give more money to constituencies if they gave a shit about it. Maybe it was Gordon Campbell who screwed over assistants by chickening out after Carole backed out. You freaks have the majority, not us. Maybe your party should have had some balls and pushed through the raise anyway.

But not the Liberals. You all just like sitting around doing nothing and blaming everyone else for your problems.

And I'm not the one who's stupid Kevin, you are for being a Liberal. I am NDP because I am smart and I have a social conscience, you freak.

The part you are missing Dagmar is that the deal was worked out jointly by the Libs AND the NDP. One of the terms was that everyone had to agree to it or NO deal. That was the deal. Carole James, after agreeing to the deal, left her caucus to shitfight it out, than screwed them all over by reneging once big labor got hold of her.

And it is not the Liberal MLA staff looking for a pay raise, it is your bothers and sisters working for the NDP MLAs. Only now the NDP has no money to give them because Carole has pissed it all away when she, and she alone screwed them over by collapsing the deal she had previously agreed to.

What part of this do you not understand?

Hey Dagmar. It's Steve. Thanks for the joke ("I am NDP because I am smart and I have a social conscience, you freak"). I haven't laughed that hard in months. Are you sure you're not smoking dope any more?

I just say nope to dope now.

I find the comments about big labour getting to Carole James pretty funny. Were you looking at anything but this website when it happened? Loyalty to fellow MLA's and her own self-interest cracked in the face of obvious public consensus and rejection of the raise. The public is all those people walking around trying to live our lives with some kind of reasonable government.

OHHH! I see Steve has reappeared in his usual petty form. Just what is Steve's connection to Sue Halstead? I hope you have read the COMPLETE judgement Steve. How is John at the TV station?

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