Safeguarding the advocate?

Have you heard the name Jane Holland before? Don't worry, because we hadn't either. But, for the past nine years, Ms. Holland has been toiling in comparative obscurity as the provincial government's service quality advocate, responsible for helping "adults with developmental disabilities and their families get good quality services." But now there's some concern among activists that Ms. Holland's post, which presently reports directly to the minister of children and family development, may be transferred to Community Living British Columbia. After all, that's what the authority's architects seemed to be proposing back in 2003 with a suggestion Ms. Holland be replaced with a "semi-independent" safeguards office at Community Living British Columbia that would "provide families with an appeal process if the normal appeal processes fail." But, in an interview with your humble organ, ministry communications director Kelly Gleeson said "there's no plan to eliminate the office." Although he added children and family development will be undertaking an assessment of the post commencing July 1 to determine if there's a way to "retool" or "strengthen" it.

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