One plus one must equal two

Much backslapping must have ensued when provincial New Democrat MLAs received the results of an internal poll showing them four percentage points ahead of the Liberals - this, according to our operatives. The poll, which was conducted by the running dog capitalists at IdeaWorks Consulting back in December, gave the Opposition around 45 percent support - providing statistical proof Carole James's leadership will take the socialists to victory in the next election. Which, of course, explains the present collegial atmosphere in caucus.


Its always wonderful to run a provincial poll during a federal election. Oh, you mean those Liberals??

One poll doesn't make an election. Remember the bad old days. Nobody ever admitted they were going to vote socred, or admitted they voted socred and somehow the socreds won for a very long time.
Let' see some good ideas coming from the provincial NDP. Like a way to reduce wait lists, get some more family doctors. Rhetoric is great but as the Anarchists used to say. Talk minus action is zero. Adrian Dix ( the guy who the pundits said was supposed to be a downer for the NDP) keeps a few cabinet ministers feet to the fire, lets see more of that happening before we start talking new government next time around. I heard the MLA for Esquimalt on a local radio station today, she was talking schools. What she said was on the hourly news 10 minutes later. That's the sort of stuff needed to get folks listening to the opposition.

Agreed with above poster. When people are seeing a squeeky clean Jack Layton on TV up against ads highlighting federal Liberal corruption literally coming from left and right, it's easy for people to say, 'oh not Liberal' given a choice only between those two federal options.

Once the federal scene calms down while the fed Libs try to convince someone...anyone? run for leadership, and the focus goes back to provincial politics, people will be reminded of Fast Cats, Fudget Budgets, and stealing money from charity in Nanaimo - oh yes, Bingogate - enough to sway those percentage points back.

Especially with the 2010 Olympics on the way and a continuing climb in the strength of the provincial economy, I can't see the NDP sustaining any kind of gains in the polls that would carry them to a victory in the next provincial election, however many years away that is..

When is James finally going to show some leadership? She avoids the difficulty of promoting or demoting within her own caucus by giving everyone a job. She made a deal on the pay raise and bailed the moment big labor got a hold of her. James completely sold out ever member of the legislature without even the courtesy of telling them in person. She sold them out over a cell phone from Saskatchewan. What kind of a leader does that? When Lali dissed her by not standing by her side in the house she took no action against him. She supports her ol’ school board pal on electoral boundaries one day and when the usual dung hits the fan the next day she bails out.

Maybe this truly is the face of the new NDP ?

Gee, I would have thought it was kinda early in the game for you boys to panic, but guess I'm wrong.

So the NDP internals peg them at 45%. Party internals aren't worth the paper they're written on, especially NDP internals.

The NDP won't win governm,ent unless it gets rid of Carole James/David Perry as leader. Aside from showing no leadership in caucus, aside from bailing out and leaving her caucus to hang over the pay raise, despite not really saying or doing anything for the last 6 months, are we to believe that Carole is going to be the leader that takes the NDP into the next election?

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