A popularity contest?

Provincial New Democrat MLAs are back from their excursion to sunny Prince George. But what did they talk about at their meeting? Well, according to our operatives, there was some discussion about the election of the party's caucus officers (excluding the house leader post occupied by Mike Farnworth) - who were initially appointed by Carole James following the campaign. But the fact two MLAs weren't at that meeting scuttled plans to cast ballots then and there. And no date was set for a future vote tallying exercise. But there should be much interest in the results when caucus members do go to the polls.


"But there should be much interest in the results." Really? Why?

If this report is meant to imply that everyone is perfectly happy with the job Farnworth is doing, that would come as a bit of a surprise. Despite his previous ten (10) years of experience as an MLA and Cabinet Minister he walked merrily into the MLA pay raise trap the Liberals set for him. In so doing, he not only ruined the NDP's chances in the municipal elections, he took the steam out of the national party as well.

Federal New Democrat candidates who lost by narrow margins on Monday, such as Nancy Clegg in Newton-North Delta, or Randall Garrison in Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca and Mike Bocking in Pitt Meadows-Maple Ridge-Mission, can basically assume that Farnworth's Folly was their Achilles Heel.

So how would you explain the fact that every municipal candidate that Farnworth supported in his own constituency was re-elected (in most cases, by a landslide)?

Wow Budd, who knew Farnworth had the kind of power ? That he could single-handedly keep every NDP MLA firmly in their seats in full support and voicing no opposition is a remarkable feat. And to play a role in all those municipal elections as well.

No doubt the decimation of COPE had nothing to do with their single-ply policies, it was all Farnworths doing. Maybe we can next pin the pine beetle on Farnworth as well.

I'll bet it's Farnsworth who is behind the need for the Olympic committee wizbangs needing more money. And as for the pay raise, I don't think the buck stops at him, shift your eyes one person to his left in the house, the queen of the ice fishing fun folks. The Leader puts the folks in position and takes the blame if something goes wrong.

COPE were confused, and paid for it, but that pay thing went beyond confused.

Jesus, Budd, next you're going to say that he was the second gunman!

COPE lost because they ran a shit campaign. That and COPE was probably the shittiest Vancouver council in recent memory.

Clegg, Garrison, and Bocking lost because they were in marginal ridings. The Federal NDP enjoys only the support from the left which makes it hard to win swing ridings, except during a sweep. Many provincial New Democrat voters voted Liberal or Conservative.

The other point you are glazing over Budd is that Carole James, like every other member of the NDP caucus agreed to the pay raise. Right after the deal was launched Carole hi-tailed her ass out of town to the safety of Saskatchewan and left people like Farnworth to do all of the dirty work and sell the deal. Only to later have Carole pull the rug out from under them all when she caved in to big labor. Fact is James sold out everyone on this deal and left people like Farnworth holding the bag.

Let’s not forget that Carole has also reneged on her previous support of her old school board buddy Louise Burgart. And once again she sends someone else; in this case Bruce Ralston to do her dirty work

I suppose in your world this is also the fault of Farnworth. Get a grip Budd.

That's the way that Carole James does business.

I wouldn't say that she's a leader except in name only. Is it time for her to go?

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