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Last month, we reported the Non-Partisan Association's caucus would be meeting on January 28. But that schmooze-fest has since been postponed without being re-scheduled. Could this be the result of the recent bout of bloodletting on the association's board of directors, which culminated in an extraordinary phone call between Alex Tsakumis and brother muckraker Allen Garr? Meanwhile, in other daytimer news, the provincial New Democrats will be having the first provincial council meeting since convention on February 19 at The Empire Landmark Hotel. That meeting will be preceded by a party executive strategy session on Febuary 4, where bigwigs will be doing some deep thinking on how to keep the New Democrat membership occupied for the next four years. Might we suggest shiny things as one option? The following is a copy of the email announcing the council meeting.

From: Joanne Banfield
Sent: Thursday, January 26, 2006 11:35 AM

Provincial Council Delegates
Provincial Constituency Presidents
Provincial Executive


A reminder that the deadline to book your hotel for the February Provincial Council is today and the deadline for receiving Notices of Motion is tomorrow. Please also find attached a copy of the revised draft October 2005 minutes.


To: Provincial Council Delegates
Constituency Presidents
Provincial Executive


The next Provincial Council meeting will be held Saturday, February 18 from 9:00 to 5:00 pm (approximate) and Sunday, February 19 from 9:00 to 12 noon (approximate).

Thursday, January 26 is our deadline to book guest rooms. After this time, the hotel may be full, or may charge higher rates. Please call the hotel's toll-free reservations number (1-800-830-6144) and identify yourself as part of the BC NDP meetings. Our rate is $80 single or double. Please be advised that the hotel will ask for a credit card to hold the room.

Meeting Location: The Empire Landmark Hotel (Crystal Ballroom), 1400 Robson Street Vancouver.

Parking: The parking lot at the hotel is $10 per day. Enter from Robson Street. For those delegates staying in the hotel guest rooms, you may charge your parking fee to your room.

Closest SkyTrain: Burrard Station next to the Hyatt Hotel.

travel: Please book air travel in advance to take advantage of discount airfares. Unionized carriers are given priority. All transportation costs will be paid equivalent to the cheapest form of transport available.

Expense CLAIMS: Complete a General Expense Claim form (available at registration) and attach all receipts and leave with Party staff. Hotel, parking for hotel guests and taxes will be charged directly to the Party account.

Notices of Motion: A reminder that only Notices of Motion that are received by Provincial Office three weeks in advance of the Council meeting will be given priority at the meeting. Please submit your Notices of Motion by email to Joanne Banfield at by end of business day FRIDAY, JANUARY 27.

DELEGATE ORIENTATION: There will be a one hour orientation session for new and/or first-time delegates on Saturday at 8:00 am. Space is limited so please pre- register prior to January 27 by email to Joanne at

cope 15


Good Morning Sean:

What would be most helpful to the accuracy of what you print is if you asked me about my comments to Allen Garr before you put them up.

1) I did not make an extraordinary phone call to Allen, I emailed him, as he had made reference to me and others on the NPA Board in a manner absolutely inapporpriate and completely incorrect. He called me, and we straightened the matter out. He was most pleasant, and I enjoyed our short conversation, thoroughly.

2) The NPA Board has NOTHING to do with the setting of any agenda items related to the Mayor's office. Your innuendo is, in point of fact, incorrect. The caucus makes decisions independent of any other entity in the NPA, as it should.

3) You're calling me a muckraker?! Pot calling the kettle black.....

Rather than throwing up inneundo and heresay, you and your readers might be better served to have Public Eye's "humble organ" go forth and seek the real story, rather than to sit and pontificate about what might be happening, only to get it wrong in the process.

I enjoy reading your well written blog from time to time. Keep us entertained, Sean.

Take good care,


Some good points, but I think Sean was calling himself a muckraker, and Allan Garr his brother muckraker, with that comment.

You sort of rattled this guy Alex's cage. If folks are in the muckraking business and lucky for some of us they are, or lots would sort of slide by, get offended by others in the same business, well it might be time to get another occupation that handles more thined skin folks.( How's that for a long sentence? I didn't do journalist so please forgive me)

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