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Conservation Voters of British Columbia coordinator Matt Price is waving the warning flag in front of the premier's decision to contract labour negotiations work to former deputy minister Lee Doney. Noting that Mr. Doney's company RLD Strategies Ltd. contributed $500 to the provincial Liberals during the last election campaign, Mr. Price wrote in an email to Public Eye that Mr. Doney's contract "raises the spectre of what has been considered, until now perhaps, a federal issue: donors getting contracts. Not only should non-voter donations be banned in order to avoid these kinds of things, but anyone who has financial dealings with the government should be prohibited from campaign contributions as an individual for a period of time in order to avoid the perception of corruption."


That is completely, utterly outrageous.

We live in a free country -- anyone should be allowed to donate to a political party.

If political activism is banned from people who work with government, does this mean that only "non-political" people should be allowed to be involved in government?

This sounds like the tyranny of the anti-political.

Makes me sick.

The use of contracts in this government is outrageous.

Why should Deputy Minister's be allowed to double dip? The awarding of contracts was reviewed by the Auditor General and he showed many problems and the ignoring of the rules established by this government.

If Lee Doney makes more in the private sector, why does he continue to accept government contracts? Because the private sector has no need for his service!

I also understand that there is no audit done on any contract work - therefore how do the taxpayers find out if they received value for money?

This is only a taste of what happens with government contracts. There are many more examples of former 'crats' making money of contracts while enjoying severance and other payouts.

If people are good, why wouldn't you hire them on contract?

People with specialized skills should be allowed to market their services. Why shouldn't government be allowed to get the best help?

Usually the best help in any specialized area is from a specialist. Specialists are usually for hire as a consultant, not as a full-time staffperson.

You are quick to presume that the individuals are good.

Since Political Activist, you are the apologist for the contracts that this government awards, please explain how the lowly taxpayer should understand that we are receiving value for these special people?

let us not forget the awarding of contracts has lead to infamous contracts to NDP stars such as Elizabeth Cull, Gordon Wilson, and currently Dan Miller.

Other notable contracts past and present are Doug Allen, the many contracts in the Child and Family Ministry, and the current DM to the Premier - Jessica McDonald.

Joe, you really are a Donkey.

If taxpayers don't like it, throw the bums out!!

Fact is, I have no problem with governments hiring people on contract. No problem with Cull, Wilson, Miller or Allen.

If you have such a problem, why don't you run for office, and depend just on the unionized stooges in the public service to implement your agenda.

You will find out that many, in fact most, public servants are great and professional, but sometimes you need some outside help to get things done.

wake up and smell what you are smoking PA!

this is a scam pure and simple. If i were to run for office i wouldn't be able to received these cushy contracts like you!

the conservatives have the right approach to this loophole and i hope we adopt it here.

with your logic everyone should be on contract.

No, just specialists who offer their services through contracts.

there's a structure to the bureaucracy as well, there are capable people in the department that can create the value we're looking for. $1000/day is in rare company, any way you slice it. If you want to believe these contracts are about value and not relationships, that's naive.

change, whether it be in government or a big corporation, often has to be accomplished by outsiders.

the culture of the bureacracy is anti-change, or, at best, wary of change. Quiite often the executive branch of government simply can't get the bureaucracy to move on issues without a huge fight. Harper should know this more than most.

I don't know if this fact applies in this case, but I would say that ruling out bringing in people on contract is outrageous.

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