More honoured in the breach than in the observance

Earlier, your humble organ reported former deputy minister Lee Doney would be collecting his pension while under contract with the premier's office. Of course, Mr. Doney isn't the first nor will he be the last senior civil servant to do so. After all, the provincial government presently has no policies preventing such perceived double-dipping. But the federal government's contracting guidelines do include strong language surrounding the hiring of civil service pensioners. According to those guidelines "contracts with a former employee receiving a government pension may prompt accusations that public funds are being abused or that influence was improperly exerted in the contract award, particularly if those involved occupied more senior positions or took early retirement." And "if the contract work is substantially like that performed by the pensioner before retirement, contracting authorities should ensure that they can justify why the work is not being done by a successor." For example, a former labour deputy minister being hired as the premier's special advisor on labour bargaining?

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