To be or not to be, that was the question

Our astute readers will, of course, be familiar with the Community Living Coalition - the lobby group that was fathered, in part, by Doug Walls and ultimately gave birth to the provincial government's independent authority for developmentally disabled adults. Established in November 2001, the group's "immediate goals were 1) address threatened cutbacks to community living services and supports; 2) develop a new governance structure for community living; 3) promote Individualized Funding as an option for individuals and families." But with at least two of those goals being accomplished, there was some discussion among members that the coalition should be disbanded. And that proposal came up for debate at a group meeting earlier this month. But, according to those familiar with the debate, it was decided the coalition would "carry out in a relatively quiet role" except around the role of community councils at Community Living British Columbia - as well as budgetary and access issues.


Would that be The Doug Walls ... subject of this week's preliminary inquiry into the Doug Walls, Mike Millard case?

Excuse me, but I am currently the co-chair of the coalition and have been involved since the first meeting in 2001.
Doug Walls did not "father" this - what a horrible metaphor!
The coalition is an open and inclusive gathering of people and organizations dedicated to empowering individuals and families to make decisions about how they lead their lives in the community. The vast majority of people involved have been family members.
I have just completed a letter to Carole Taylor expressing our concerns about the contents of the upcoming budget so, "No" we don't plan to be quiet. We will continue to share information and provide a safe place for everyone to convene who has a stake in the restructuring of community living services.

Actually, "The coalition is an open and inclusive" hivemind dedicating to empowering those who give up all rights to independent thought.

And yes, Holman is quite right: Walls did father it. He boasted in e-mails revealed in the MCFD audit that he wrote the coalition's manifesto while writing a virtually identical plan for former minister Gordy Hogg. He was their leader and hero right up to his downfall

It's also a tad late to cry about CLBC's budget woes, given it was their plan, and Walls' phony math, that promised CLBC would deliver massive cost savings. Shame it turned out Walls was only using them to help his Liberal buddies achieve budget cuts, but thought control won't re-write history.

It would appear to me who is totally not involved in this deal that either Carol Simpson is right or Walls ir right. But didn't he get fired for some dealings or other. Maybe Ms. Stinson could elighten us all. In my little word 50 millions is a lot of change.
Is some one trying to confuse us or what?
I await some clarification on how my tax dollars are being spent.

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