Prelude to a deal?

What happens when you put the woman responsible for the province's purse strings in the same room as the man in charge of British Columbia's labour movement? We'll find out Friday, when Carole Taylor and Jim Sinclair are scheduled to discuss the upcoming round of public sector labour negotiations, which are expected to dominate government's spring agenda. No actual bargaining will take place at that meeting. But Mr. Sinclair will be seeking further clarification on the new negotiation framework Minister Taylor rolled out on November 30.


Why would there be negotiations? Jim represents the fed, the unions negotiate for themselves.
The fed might be called in to psh the parties now and again but it's a mite bit early right now in my opion
The two might be setting up some procedures. will be interesting times in BC labour this year.


The Office of the Premier has retained Lee Doney as Special Advisor, Labour Bargaining.

Reporting to the deputy minister to the Premier, the special advisor will assist the government as it begins a series of negotiations to reach labour contract agreements covering 90 per cent of public sector workers.

"Reporting to the deputy minister to the Premier"???
Looks like gordo is going to have his hands all over these sets of public sector bargaining.

Ready the picket signs brothers and sisters because if there is one thing learned it is that gordo don't know nothin' 'bout bargaining in 'good faith'.

"gordo don't know nothin' 'bout bargaining in 'good faith'". Who does? Jinny Sims?

Steve says. Gordo don't know nothin bout bargaining in good faith who does? Jinny Sims.
First off Jinny Sims is a union president who managed to run her shop to the satisfaction of the great majority of BC citizens, so even some Gprdo supporters must have been on side with the teachers union. Gordo decided to do his thing and order them back to work. Gordo tore up lots of contracts and lied to the HEU for example. His government has been sanctioned by the ILO a large number of times for unfair labour practices. My God he couldn't even run his menswear shop in vancouver way back when. Nobody who lies has any place at a bargaining table. Besides both side have folks who are quite good at bargaining if they arn't interfered with by some politician. So Gordo is at it again. I guess hes' too dumb to learn by his mistakes.

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