The strong, silent type

Public Eye has made much ado about provincial Liberal supporter Louise Burgart's appointment to the supposedly non-partisan electoral boundary commission. Up until now, though, the provincial New Democrat caucus leadership has seemed somewhat reluctant to make much of a public fuss about Ms. Burgart - despite the fact former boundary commissioner Katherine Hough, ex-premier Bill Vander Zalm and the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association have been ringing alarm bells about her appointment. We won't dwell on the reason for that silence. But those who are concerned about the possibility and perception of gerrymandering created by Ms. Burgart's presence of the commission will be somewhat relieved to know former party president and Surrey-Whalley MLA Bruce Ralston has been assigned to look into the matter.


What if the reason for silence is that it is no big deal.
Perhaps we can act like adults and with enough cheques and balances maybe make decisions that are non-partisan.

A disappointing development as it appears once again Carole James is flip flopping in the face of a tough decision. James needs to come clean and either renege or her previous commitment to support her former school trustee colleague or she needs to stand by her initial endorsement. Either way sending in Ralston to do her dirty work is lackluster leadership at best.

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