The Golden Years?

Our astute readers will, of course, be familiar with Lorne Sivertson. He's the aspiring stand-up comedian who recently retired as president of the Columbia Power Corp. - the hen house to the Columbia Basin Trust's den of foxes. And what, you may ask, is he doing with his retirement years? Well, like so many of his counterparts in the provincial government, Mr. Sivertson has put up his shingle as a consultant. The following is a portion of his sales pitch.

Sivertson & Associates
Consulting Ltd.


* Sivertson & Associates Consulting Ltd. is a British Columbia company formed late in 2005 by Lorne Sivertson, former President and Chief Executive Officer of Columbia Power Corporation.

* Lorne Sivertson has extensive national and international experience in the energy and resource sectors gained from his work in industry, investment banking, government, non-government organizations and most recently Columbia Power Corporation (please see attached CV).

* Lorne Sivertson has an impressive record of achievement in project planning, execution and management as well as being recognized as a skilled policy advisor at the provincial and national levels.

* President and CEO since its inception and having taken Columbia Power Corporation from a "paper company” in 1994 through the project development phase into the operations phase, Lorne Sivertson decided to step down from his position so that he could stay involved in project development and policy formulation, areas of his expertise and interest.

Sectors of Focus

* Sivertson & Associates Consulting Ltd. focus on providing professional advisory services in:

- electricity generation and transmission;
- oil, natural gas and coal production;
- metal mining and exploration; and
- resource project related infrastructure (road, rail, transmission lines, airports).

Advisory Services

* Sivertson & Associates Consulting Ltd. add value for clients in:

- project planning, negotiations, facilitation and procurement;
- project finance, joint venture structuring, strategic alliances and governance models;
- regulatory approvals and government liaison;
- investment opportunity identification and feasibility analysis;
- public-private-partnership (P3) initiatives;
- contract structuring, dispute resolution, litigation support; and
- energy, resource and industrial policy analysis and implementation.

Contact Information

* Sivertson & Associates Consulting Ltd. can be reached through:

Lorne Sivertson, President


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