Openness and accountability - with a 12 month delay

Our readers, astute and otherwise, may remember November's MLA pay raise fiasco, wherein British Columbia's elected representatives waddled up to the public trough for a 15 percent salary hike - a feast that was ultimately cancelled due to public outrage. But questions remain as to why the legislative assembly management committee's members (who were responsible for working out the particulars of that deal) thought they could get away with such porkbarrelling. At the time of the fiasco, we were told the committee's 2005 meeting minutes - which might answer some of those questions - hadn't been approved for publication. But that approval was expected before the end of November. Now it's the New Year. And those minutes still aren't available. Which means the committee is sitting on 12 months worth of documention, detailing its secret deliberations.


You aren't really surprised, are you Sean?

I would be curious to know if there is a time limit as to when the minutes are due.

If there is, then I would suspect that they will be held until the last possible second in the hopes that you and the rest of the province will forget to check them.

If there is not, then I would be fairly certain that they will never be released.

Aunty B.

If they don't release the minutes, is such a committee subject to FOI, or we simply all waiting for the tax payers memory to fade? I know of some committees that never release anything and that was back in the days of the previous governent as well.

I got a less than three percent increase on my federal government pension this year. Took me 35 years , and I paid 6 percent over those years to get it. hell I was working for the wrong group for sure. we have heard it all before. You have to pay these folks to have them give up their careers to sit in the house and thump the desks, while the in group get to sit in the front row and make ever better wages.

Open and government should never be used in the same sentence. and that seems to go for any government

What position has Poco MLA Mike Farnworth taken on these minutes? Does he want them released, or not?

Why ask a blog what Farnworth's position is on the subject. Look up his parties web site and find his email address and ask him. Probrably quicker that us wondering about it.

Bud did you see the papers Friday re Sue Halstead. I hope you got to see her site before Telus closed it down Saturday. The judge had her pegged right to the tee. I also wonder what the outcome of the Black news group suit as well.

Well Burgess, I did look at her site several days ago after Steve Hopkins praised her. I can't say that I found anything too bloody outrageous, but then I didn't get into all the details of it. However, I did see the news item yesterday to the effect that she has been assessed damages of more than $600,000. I guess she will have to sell her house, car, clothes, everything.

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