Retreating north

It looks like provincial New Democrat caucus members are going on a field trip to their leader's old stomping grounds. According to our operatives, MLAs are in the midst of flocking back from vacation to attend their first meeting of the New Year - scheduled for January 25 and 26 in Prince George at the The Coast Inn of the North. Meanwhile, Carole James's chief of staff David Perry is already back on the job, having taken a well-deserved respite in Cuba.


I guess James and Caucus want to generate more support in the north. I Notice her chief of staff just back from Cuba and the warm weather down there begged off from heading north, especially as James may drag them all out ice fishing.

Wonder if he got any tips on good governance from his pals down there in the Worker's Paradise?

One can only hope ol' Fidel isn't taking advice from Perry or else the country will be falling apart within weeks.

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