Yo me frio o lo sophlo?

Back in August, A-Channel's Stephen Andrew reported the president of the British Columbia Ferry and Marine Workers' Union wouldn't be running for re-election. But that was then and this is now. In an interview with your humble organ, Jackie Miller confirmed she's reversed course on that decision. "I have been convinced by a number of factors in my personal life - as well as from my members - that it's probably useful for the continuity of the fleet for me to run again. Because we're not even finished with the collective agreement yet...It's just a matter of practicality - in terms of how much stuff is left to be done and how much we haven't finished off from these three years." Ms. Miller also said a number of executive members who had previously announced they wouldn't be seeking office again may change their minds. But she added, "It's very tempting for us to say, 'That's it. We're out of here.' And some of that involves personal issues as well."

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The ferry workers are a democratic union. Their leaders are chosen among those who wish to run for a position. So it's really them not us who are making the decisions for that union. Sometimes union leaders for their own reasons decide to take a less stressful postion. After awhile to keep being called " Union Bosses" in a democraticly elected system gets a bit tiring. They will decide to run or not run, they will or will not get elected by the membership

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