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MARTIN'S BC PREZ JAMIE ELMHIRST PULLS A KLANDER: that was one of the headlines posted today on Bourque Newswatch. At issue: an entry in Mr. Elmhirst's blog noting Industry Minister David Emerson described federal New Democrat leader Jack Layton as having a "boiled dog's head smile." But, in an interview with Public Eye, the senior Liberal operative dismissed any comparison between that description and an earlier blog posting by the party's Ontario executive vice-president Mike Klander which included offensive comments about Mr. Layton's wife Olivia Chow. Explained Mr. Elmhirst, "Boiled dog's head smile is an old Cantonese saying that refers to someone who is forcing a smile or trying too hard to smile. So it's hardly a vicious comment as far as I'm concerned - well within the bounds of political taste."

He then went onto to add, "I think what (Mr. Klander) did was truly offensive. And I think that, regardless of whether he's a Liberal or not, I think it was something that people would find immediately find instantly distasteful - as did I. So I don't think this is anything that even begins to approximate that."


I always thought Jack Layton's smile looked like Jim Bakker's of PTL fame - So how about a crocodile smile just like Jim Bakker's? I think it is an old Southern American saying.

Jack Layton does have what often looks like a forced smile. This is in no way the same as the the offensive comments by this Klander guy- that's just my opinion.

I always thought that Paul Martin laughed liked Goofy - aside from the fact that he acts like Goofy.

All the leaders smile's suck. I mean, when was the last time we had a PM (besides Kim) who could smile. I mean look at the States, Clinton's smile rocked, Bush's smile is pretty decent although it always seems to come out at the wrong time. Reagan had a killer smile.

I think of all the leaders, Jack at least seems to like smiling. I think the moustache (and we all know its glued on daily) prevents him from bending his top lip. Martin has the worst smile of them all, I mean, maybe it because he never has a reason to smile. Harpers looks like he practices his smile in the mirror everyday and still just misses it, but he comes close anyways.

I think Bourque is on a roll ... his is the defining website of this election.

Martin (& David Anderson)came to power using these empowered child-soldiers . . . because they worked cheap, hero-worshipped and didn't ask any tough questions.
Now these aging "Liberal Yout" are screwing up across the country.
Just payback on a bad investment.
LPC or CSL, it's still GARBAGE IN . . . GARBAGE OUT !

Mr Elmhirst's statement, while perhaps a poor choice of words, was nothing more than a coloquial expression and in no way derrogatory. It is simply ridiculous that he would be so singled out like this, statements should be evaluated before they are judged

I have a feeling that Great Satan is onto something. A cohort of ill chosen operatives aging into a major liability is the kind of hazard one would expect to befall a party like the Liberals, a full-service brokerage party long on technique and short on ideas and principles.

And let's face it, other parties have had staff problems too, albeit usually with far fewer staff!

This Liberal Arrogance has no end. Elmhirst should have a look in the mirror before critizing anyone else's looks.

As should you, Andrew. As should you...

Why don't we all listen to what the politicians are saying rather than this guy smiles a bit differently that we do. Maybe the election campaign doesn't interest some bloggers. a bit of reality might be in order.

My god next we will we talking about what colour socks they are wearing. Mind you when the politician is a woman that sort of thing has been going on since women started joining the political field.
The party that wins gets to run this country, make lot of mistakes and do some good things.

I do recall a few years ago the BLOC leader was laughted at a lot for wearing head covering in a cheese factory. Folks laughed and now he is expected to sweep Quebec.

Let's all get a life and discuss serious things.

Oh Gawd - do a little research Bourque.

This a common slang expression in Cantonese pronounced "Saap Sook Gao Tao."

It is even in the New Cantonese Dictionary. Are you going to write to them and say you are offended?

Mr. Elmhirst wasn't writing for a Cantonese audience...

But all this misses the point. What does Emerson's making derogatory jokes about the NDP leader's smile say about Emerson and what does Elmhirst's being impressed enough to highlight the remark say about Elmhirst?

Are they Grade 5 schoolboys sharing snot jokes at the teacher's expense or national political leaders (or is it asking too much to expect there to be a difference)?

And why does Emerson / Elmhirst feel the need to make insulting remarks referencing Asians? Just how deep is the anti-Asian sentiment in the Liberal party anyways?


Insulting comments referencing Asians? It was a comment from David Emerson about Jack Layton - who I believe are both caucasion, using an expression that David Emerson said he learned from his wife, who is of Chinese descent.

Nice stretch though buddy.

Given the anti-Asian sentiment expressed by the (now former) member of the Martin team in Ontario I just thought it a bit much of a coincidence.

Hey, this is the Prime Minister that goes to Tamil Tigers fundraisers after all, taking sides to ethnic slurs isn't much of a stretch...

Andrew - that is a huge stretch. One, you don't know what you are talking about - and two, I think you will find a lot more tolerance and ethnic diversity in the governing party than any other.

I think its funny that this is even an issue up for discussion. I don't really think any of us can claim that we have never said something that might be misunderstood; however that does not mean that we are all intolerant morons. How desperate are people to paint the liberals negatively to resort to something like this. It really must have been a slow news day to report this when there are way worse things coming out of peoples mouths (or should I say pens, considering Rob Anders' comparison of "homosexual sex marriage" to violent crime). If thats not outrageous, then this comment is downright dull. Find something better to do people!

People in politics don't say things just to enegrize themselves. They are written to be hurful.It's the US smear tactics used so often in their politics.

Adam may say things that he claims may misundersood. shouldnt be hard on the Liberals as nobody really mean what they said.

Heck maybe Adam wears womens' underwear and picks his nose, and votes for some wierd political party. Bet he figures that is quite funny and some folks might believe its true. either way, what in hell has it got to do with the issues?

Since we now have the Goodale department getting investigated by the horsemen, but don't worry folks, it's not the minister or any of his staff we are investigating, which leads one to wonder just what in hell are they investigating. Paul Martin is backing him all the way, good friends and all that. Heck Mr. Martin has been around Ottaw for years as finance minister but apparently had no knowledge of what that ministry was doing. Didn't he ever sign anything?

Nobody really has to paint the federal Liberals in a bad light, they do quite well in that department all by themselves. For example
Cabinet ministers should have more brains than to write nasty comments about folks from other parties. Emerson did yet some figure thats quite OK. One Liberal brain made nasty remarks about a female candidate on his very public blog.

What ever happended to discussing issues? Jan 22 can't come a minute too soon

Great Satan has it half right when he refers to those empowered "child-soldiers" in the Liberal Party- the real problem is the whole campaign is being run by "child-generals" - the wise old birds having been pushed aside in favour of the "cult of the youth" -those who are enjoying the best jobs of their lives (nowhere to go but down)...while a lot of us watch from the sidelines with dismay.

Jamie Elmhirst should and must resign. I have always had doubts about this young punk who is an ass kissing do gooder for "Marky Mark" the Liberals are doomed in BC why do they have some young punks like him and some of the "Bassi Boys" running the show in B.C. ???? I am considering turning my Liberal mebership in or better yet lets just help out the NDP.

So our election has evolved to the point of voting for the candidate with the best smile, my god, no wonder the world laughs at us!

The BC Liberal Team is really making a mountain out of a molehill in regards to Rob Anders mailout. All he did was mention same sex marriage in a 4 question poll that was attached to leaflet that addressed the drug/crime problem. Resurrecting the same sex issue isn't going to win the Liberals any new votes in this election.

Are the Basi Boys still running the B.C. Liberal
campaign for Paul Martin? Talk about child
soldiers, this is unbelievable.

well as a first time voter i agree on many ammendments but marijuana is not a crime and i think it is about time the conservatives comme to reality and change the platform and legalize marijuana

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