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"I can't believe this. I can perhaps see politicians going close to the wire from time to time. But they've stepped over it so far that it's unbelievable" - that's how former premier Bill Vander Zalm is reacting to the appointment of Liberal supporter Louise Burgart to the supposedly non-partisan electoral boundaries commission. Said Mr. Vander Zalm, in an interview to be published in tomorrow's edition of 24 hours, "This appears to me to be not only a conflict but rather dumb because it's so obvious. And it's rather dangerous because - even if this person does a perfect job - there's always the perception it might not have been."

Mr. Vander Zalm, whose administration was responsible for putting in place the legislation that established the electoral boundaries commission, told Public Eye the Speaker of the Legislative Bill Barisoff's partisan appointment sets "a very dangerous precedent. Because the next time it's done - it may not be the Liberals, it could be the NDP - but they could go back to this one and say, "It was okay then. See! Everyone agreed."

The former premier added, "If I was the speaker, I would probably rescind the appointment. But it would probably be prudent on the part of the appointee to say, "I'm stepping aside. I meant no wrong. I meant to do a good job. But I can see that this certainly doesn't look good."

Earlier this week, the executive director of the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association - Murray Mollard - also slammed Ms. Burgart's appointment.


I think this issue shows the need for an independent appointments commission. For all practical purpose, Louise may be the most qualified person, and we shouldn't have to disqualify people just because of past involvement. However, at the same point you want to ensure that due diligence is followed.

I still believe that Greeks did it best by randomly nominating a citizen for all politically sensitive posts. Shouldn't we be using a jury style selection for these posts.

Bill Van der Zalm says "This appears to me to be not only a conflict but rather dumb because it's so obvious". And he knows conflict and dumb. Faye Leung's husband described to Judge Hughes the difficulties of counting out the cash that Bill received from his Taiwanese billionaire thusly : "Table too small".

Which is just one more reason why Ms. Leung just might be perfect for this job.


Thanks to Steve Hopkins for a Xmas Eve comment that shows, one more time, that Steve cares only about political smarm and innuendo and cheap shots, and not at all about serious matters of public policy.

There's no doubt that Louise Burgart should step aside. There is equally little doubt that Speaker Barisoff should do likewise. Both have shown poor judgement in roles that require a measure of independence from the partisan fray, and neither has met that expectation. In fact, neither has even made an effort in that direction.

Bill Vander Zalm's Premiership was somewhat ill-fated overall, but one great and lasting acheivement for which Vander Zalm can justifiably take credit was the Fisher Commission and the resulting legislation. I can well understand his frustration at seeing this accomplishment undermined by lesser successors, ... though even these lesser successors stand head and shoulders above the next tier of Liberal activists, the Steve Hopkins-Shirley Chan school of politician.

If Bill VanderZalm of all people can see the error of this appointment, then why the hell couldn't Carole James?

The real story here isn't the appointment of yet another Liberal friend and insider to a supposedly non-partisan position. We've had almost 5 years of these guys and have come to expect this.

The real story here is the failure of Carole James to say anything about it.

Carole is a shitty leader. And her useless advisors like David Perry have also got to go. I give Perry/James about another 6 months before people start getting restless.

True that. Carole James is the shittiest leader of the NDP since Bob Skelly. She and her fart-catcher David Perry are leading the party to ruin. Time for the NDP to get a new leader!

The issue really isn't Carole since she does what Perry tells her to do. The issue is Perry. I'd be willing to give Carole more time as leader but she has got to get rid of David Perry. And NO, the solution is NOT to replace him with Raj Sihota, because that would just be more of the same but worse.

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