Silver and gold

Public affairs bureau media monitoring/media relations director Kelly Gleeson wasn't the only one getting a new job today. Also announced to bureau staffers was the appointment of Jim Stanton as the British Columbia Olympic and Paralympic Games secretariat's communications director. That appointment has raised some questioning eyebrows at the bureau. After all, Mr. Stanton is said to make a rather comfortable living as the president of Jim Stanton and Associates Inc. - a company providing crisis communications advice to numerous public sector agencies across the country. But some things are more important than money. And the opportunity to work on the Olympic Games was reportedly too good to pass up - as is this question: can you think of an appropriate caption for the photograph on the front page of Mr. Stanton's Website?


A caption for the about "PAB wants YOU"

pull my finger

Golly gee and goll darney, it is so this big!

Trust me, I'm full of "starch".

Now get me a bigger wheelbarrow for my money!

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