It doesn't matter if you've been naughty or nice

Christmas has come a couple days early for Public Eye readers. Thanks to the incredible efforts of Ian King, we are now pleased to pull the curtain back on our new look and feel - as created by Art Department Design's Victor Crapnell. Thanks to both of you for all the hard labour and sleepless nights that have been poured into this project. Some tweaking still remains (such as centering the pages and making sure our archives display properly). But everything should be working. Meanwhile, the comments feature has been reactivated. So feel free to post away. And, for those who are interested, you can now syndicate Public Eye's content.


Well done! The site looks fab!

Good looking new format. I guess it is no accident that the radio logo for Public Eye Radio looks like it has teeth.

Nice new look guys! Keep us voyeurs tuned in and turned on!

Very nice...well done!!

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