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A scant ten months after being hired, Kelly MacDonald - British Columbia's deputy child and youth officer-aboriginal services - has departed Jane Morley's office. The announcement was made in a curiously worded email sent to bureaucrats on Friday at 4:10 - a time customarily reserved for dumping out bad news. According to the somewhat brief email, authored by Ms. Morley, her high-profile deputy is "moving on to other alternatives that are available to her" - suggesting a rather sudden departure. Ms. MacDonald, a lawyer and single mother, was hired in partnership with the province's principle aboriginal political organizations: the First Nations Summit, the Metis Provincial Council of British Columbia, the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs and the United Native Nations. According to the Times Colonist's Judith Lavoie, she was chosen for the position from a list of 48 applicants following a gruelling interview process. The following is a complete copy of Ms. Morley's email.

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Friday, December 16, 2005 4:10 PM
Subject: Kelly MacDonald

Kelly MacDonald has left the organization of the Child and Youth Officer for British Columbia and is moving on to other alternatives that are available to her.

Kelly was the first person to hold the position of Deputy Child and Youth Officer -- Aboriginal Services that was set up in partnership between the Child and Youth Officer and the Union of BC Indian Chiefs, the First Nations Summit, the Métis Provincial Council of British Columbia and the United Native Nations.

Kelly has a strong passion for furthering the interests of Aboriginal children and youth, which she brought to the job of Deputy and which I am sure she will bring to her future endeavours. I wish her well in her new pursuits.

Jane Morley, QC
Child and Youth Officer
Province of British Columbia

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